Ph up and Ph down at PETCO/Petsmart For aquariums

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Merfolk, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. Can this stuff be used? its only like 2 bucks a bottle here, and i hope it can get the job done?
  2. I would just get PH up and down specifically for plants.
  3. i got plant specific stuff at a hydro store and it was $8.... I think if you can, you should stick to the stuff thats made for plants.
  4. yeah man itll work. theres not really such a thing as "plant specific"
    they may say it.. but its all the same. it changes the water.
    just remember to put it in a few drops at a time.. AFTER the nutes.
  5. In my experience the aquarium pH up and down from pet co or petsmart don't remember which one at the moment and think got one at walmart before you have to add a shit load and it won't hold worth shit so it causes huge swings so fucking A stick with the shit for plants

    my 2 cents
  6. If I had the stuff in my house I'd use it for a hydro grow, but since the cost is way more than what I pay at my local hydro store, I can't see going out of my way to get it.

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