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  1. u using soil or hydro??? if its just tap water for watering soil plants Ive used vinegar or lime juice as a quick fix for ph down. Ive never tried it with hydro tho and probably wouldnt. havent seen any damage to my plants with the vinegar or the lime juice tho. and its free lol.
  2. yep I'm growing in soil. when I use my nutrient it's great the ph level goes down to 6.9! but that's only every third watering. I was thinking of using the vinegar trick for the time being .also is the water condition I found ok to use on plants or is it just for aquarium only?
  3. I bought a pH meter about 4 years ago, used it once I think, never even measured pH since then.
    Don´t know how MJ managed to evolve over millions of years without someone taking its pH every day.
    And my last grow I got 72 ounces of dried and cured White widow from 4 plants.
  4. I feel u, MJ is a hardy plant and will probably outlive the human race lol, but I know my plants have reacted positively to the adjustment and its fun to take such an active role in there upbringing I think.

    I also think ppl living in diff areas of the country have differing levels of ph in their tap water. For some its no big deal but I know my tap water comes out at like 8.0 so I DO feel the need to adjust. And since I have like I said my plants have loved it. maybe they just like the extra attention.

    72 ounces from 4 plants damn!!!!!!

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