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  1. This is one part of growing thati can not get. eather that or i dont trust my readings. i bought a luster leaf rapid test digital meter to test my ph, so how do you guys do this? do you scrape soil from the top and put it in a cup with water and make it muddy, which my ffof isnt mud but you know what i mean? I am not trusting how i am doing this and i use fox farms nutes so i know my ph gets outta wack. How do you guys adjust this , or keep it in check. can someone please help me out on this? Anybody who uses fox farms , what does it do too your ph levels?
  2. So what i should do is ph my solutions? Then i wont have anymore trouble?
  3. What's up man! PH testing was my next improvement in my grow. I make my feed first (water and nutes) then measure the PH and adjust it so its about 6.8-7 PH. It's important that you get PH buffer solution so you can calibrate it. I test my run off water for the PH of my soil but if you can't do that water it with water that's adjusted to 7.0 then when your soil is soggy stick the meter in there and test it. I use baking soda to lower the PH and I have citric acid to raise the PH. When I add my FF tiger bloom to my water it lowers the PH to like 3.5 -_-

    GL with it! Can be a bitch but very important :)
  4. Have you got a soil probe for your meter? If you do you can just stick it straight into the soil. Or like the guy above said, just test the run off.

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