Ph testers ?

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  1. Where can I get them for a responsible price ,
  2. I got mine on Ebay and it works great. Otherwise go to your local garden center or hyrdo store.
  3. What's reasonable price to you? <$50?

    Amazon has a few under 50. Check out Hanna Champ from Hanna or PH-80 from HM Digital.
  4. General hydroponics sells one for like 10-15$ if ur looking for a drip tester simple n ez
  5. I used this soil test kit and it was fairly accurate, I have since upgraded to an electronic pH reader.

  6. I just bought that thanks for the link!!! Looks cool and is cheap
  7. Yea no problem, it has 10 strips which should last long enough for you to decide what's next.
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    Yes, you are going to need a couple. 7.0 Buffer, 10.0 Buffer and conductivity solution. Always! rinse your pen after doing fert water test, it will make your tip last longer. They sell a storage solution but after I ran out I havent had a problem not using it (storage solution) so I just rinse with my tap water which is straight up 7.3 ph so almost as good.

    All used in calibrating your pen (Meter). Instructions included suck but after u do it a couple of times it's easy. I am in municipal style water treatment so mine get's a workout.


  9. This is the version I have - overkill for growing but I use it for work too.

    Oakton PCSTestr 35 Waterproof Multiparameter Tester, For pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature, 0.0 to 14.0 pH Range
    Buy new: $165.00 Oakton: Industrial & Scientific

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