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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Artofwar87, May 5, 2011.

  1. Will one of those pool ph tester kit's work for testing the ph. If not whats my next option.
  2. I dont see why it wouldn't work. :)
  3. Im sure I could stop at my local nursery and they should sell chemicals to raise/lower my ph levels as well as meter as well cause i got one right down my street.

  4. If you buy a digital pH meter....those require calibrating everytime you use it and also solution to store the meter....I love the eye dropper tests b/c its just so simple and straightforward..:)
  5. Some digital Ph testers require calibration about once a week to every couple of weeks, mine they reccomend once a month. As for storage solution I just use tap water that sat out for a day or so. Link below is what I got.

  6. I agree its not maybe as accurate but its close enough for me. I have a digital one but hardly use it.

  7. Yeah...I went from a Hanna pH meter to the simple 4$ eye dropper test kit...:)
  8. I found using the dropper test kit a pain in the butt when testing water run off do to the discoloration of the water run off. I got that one for when the day comes and I have the money to switch over to hydro I will already have a PH tester that will work for it, especialy for EC readings.

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