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  1. I think my ph is off because the bottom fan leaves are yellowing then dying one by one. And none of the other leaves are showing this. So my question is, do you use a water ph tester or soil ph tester? Or would one work for both?
  2. ...awe, 1st off...what type of soil are you using and what have you added?
  3. Outdoor or indoor? Artificial lights? Watering?
  4. Use a water tester. Do you have pics?

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  5. Im a noob so bear with me. First i was using scotts potting soil. I kno it was a bad choice after joining grass city. I am using miracle grow liquafeed (also a bad choice). First i added way too much nutes and killed 4 plants and shocked the remaining 2. The have gotten normal feedings since then and are about 2 months old ( and exceptionally small compared to some of the journals i have seen on here). About a week ago i transplanted into 2, 3-5 gallon buckets of fox farms ocean forest. Didnt think it would hurt them much because they are still in the vegetative cycle. But they do have preflowers. What do you think?
  6. Indoor closet grow. 150 watts of cfls with walls lined in mylar. Water is not ph adjusted. Scotts hyponex pottong soil and miracle grow liquafeed nutes.
  7. Ok thanks alot.

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  8. Is that 150 watts the actual power that your lights are using or is that just the power that they compare to? I may suggest that you get more light. Rule of thumb is to have 50 watts of light per square foot of grow area. When using cfls, you want to double that number.
  9. Im not sure how to feed now that i have transplanted into an organic soil. Shouldnt the soil have enough nutrients to last a month or so? Thanks for the link. Found it for 11 bucks on ebay
  10. It is 150 actual watts. Or close to it. Theres 3 23 actual watt cfls and 3 26 watt cfls. Walls also lined with mylar for reflective purposes
  11. Either transplant it to a larger container with more of the organic mix, or feed using a tea.
  12. What kind of soil did you transplant it into? Did you use a name brand such as Fox Farm Ocean Forest? If so, then you should have a good month before you should have to feed them.
  13. Yeah im currently using fox farm ocean forest
  14. Just busted a cfl in my grow room. Should i just throw everything out or what? I have heard they contain mercury.
  15. Start a new thread don't hijack someone else's.

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  16. Wow you must have been really high. Im actually the one that started this thread just needed help on a different subject.
  17. So anyone have any advise on a busted CFL? It didnt bust near the plants really it fell about 2-3 feet below the plants
  18. Hahaha yep.

    4th grow(Apprentice) - BC Big Bud 1200w

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