Ph Tester needed.. HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by law_101, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. hey i am trying to find a good PH tester right now. I use soil so i need something that i can use with soil. If anyone has a link or maybe a ebay item number just for a reference it would be GREAT!!! Please help... no one likes to see ladies die to they?
  2. i think you test the run off from flushing, so a digital one on ebay that look like a usb stick will work dude.
  3. anyone else have any thoughts? Which one on ebay? There is a 3-1 ones they show that do the ph, light, and moisture and it runs by just sticking the probes into the soil.. any idea if this would work alright?
  4. forget the ghetto ph meter, digital is the way.
  5. i just dont know where to get one... got any links?
  6. getting a ph meter is on my list of crap i need too.. here's what little info i have to offer. hanna instruments makes some pretty decent digital ones that will work with soil. i emailed the company, they said the meters work fine if you mix the soil into a slurry (i.e. water down your soil sample in a cup).

    i can't verify either of the sites above as i've not done business with them, but the prices seem decent. you can probably find some stuff on ebay too.
  7. think a PPM meter is needed for soil operations? Would you test the water solution your throwing into with nuts i take it? seems like a lot of Hydro people like PPM meters for testing their solutions..
  8. bump... i need help :-( Which one should i buy?
  9. has the cheapest ones I have found. You test your nute water before you water and test the runoff water that comes out the bottom after you water. The soil PH meters you stick into the soil are a joke. If you get the ultra cheap hanna ph meter from eseason gear make sure to calibrate every 2 weeks.
  10. which would you go with?
  11. i have the Hannah HI 98103 it works ok and if you get the solution and calibrate it a couple times a month you should be ok. DONT DROP IT IN SOLUTION! Sometimes if you use it around floros it will make the meter jump. Its not the greatest by far but if you want a cheap meter that works fair that is the one until you can afford a better one.

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