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  1. so i was in the pet store the other day buying a few airstones. i happened to look down and see a ph stabilzer on the shelf. would this be applicable in a hydroponic setting. i figured myabe since fish can live in it it would be safe for plants.... but wasnt willing to risk it. has anyone heard of this before?
  2. Leave the pet store supplies for the pets
    I don't believe that will help you out being that the plants will have the PH going UP or Down because of nutrient uptake anyways
    I grow using hydro and would never use anything used to adjust a "fish's environment" for my plants I will be smoking
    Doesn't feel right to me imo
  3. yeah my feelings as well. really it made me wonder if such a thing existed for plants. i keep getting durastic fluctuations after my res changes it will swing +/- 1.2 average for about 3 days then fall back into check. its very frustrating
  4. How many res changes have you had?
    Why so frequent?
  5. Yeah you don't have to change out the res that often. I use the "lucas formula" and never change the res out until I flush before harvest but I also use r.o. water. Nutes usually have ph buffers in them to help stabilize res ph. Your ph should naturally rise over time as the plant uptakes nutes and if it goes down that's usually a sign of root rot, mold, algae or some other problem. Ph down and ph up are cheap anyways you don't wanna be using some fish aquarium b.s. Peace:smoke:
  6. How high do you let your PPMs go during the last three weeks of flowering Jin?
  7. twice so far once was a normal swap and the other an accident was made . i was told to change the res once a week. ppms have been around 100-150 about to go to 1/2 strength any day.
  8. I am also in agreement with jinn420,
    I haven't changed out my rez at all from germination to flush,
    Now the change will be for the flush which is 7-10 days long depending on preference

    If you felt that you had some nutrient lock out problems then yes a rez change is in order
    If you had some kind of algae problem then hellz yes I would change the rez

    I use general hydroponic nutrients at the moment
    They recomend a weekly rez change
    They also recommend an overdose of nutrients
    I do neither and have zero problems :cool:

    I have a small rez of about 3 gallons
    All I do is add more distilled water, which is what I use, to get the water level back to where I want it to be

    The ppm business is another thing,
    To each his own if they want to live by the numbers
    I found that if you try to get too technical you could sabotage your own grow rather easily

    I wish you luck and put up some pics or update later if you can :smoke:
  9. Usually for most strains I go to around 1800ppms by the 4th week of flowering then flush with 0ppm water for last 10 days. Never had any signs of nute burn or defficency yet(knock on wood). Peace:smoke:
  10. Hey nice man thank you :cool:
    I just went into week 10 of flowering. I stopped using nutes and started flushing.The buds are flopping over big time almost 2 full weeks of flush and RO water I think reap day is Monday.
    Again Thanks for the info.
  11. No problem dude those buds look awesome think I'm gonna try and astral project myself over there and smoke some!:hippie:

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