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  1. Hi All

    I am growing in reused organic soil from my last grow that was flushed.

    My plants started showing signs of nutrient deficiency about a month ago! After over feeding.

    I have been trying my hardest to FLUSH away the build up but it is literally not moving and I have flushed atleast 5 times with lots of water at a 6.0 PH and my Runoff is 7.1 - 7.3


    • PH Lockout
    • In: 6.0 out: 7.2
    • Stunted growth and dying leaves
    • PH meter wont move even after regular flushes with around 60-80 litres of declorinated PH 6.0 water at a time on a 10Gal pot
    • Plants are looking sickly because they cannot take up any nutrients

    NB: I tried feeding for the first time now in a long time (half strength) after many flushes and no move in PH. My pen works and is calibrated.

    This is getting annoying, I have never experienced a PH LOCKOUT and I have worked my ass off to try correct her PH with flushes!

    PLEASE help!

    Thanks in Advance

    The picture makes her look greener and lusher than she is, she is really looking sick and the Soil tells the story. How the hell does one fix this issue?

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  2. Don't lemon juice lower the PH?
    Maybe mix up some at 5.0 and flush.
    You must have put way to much lime in the soil when rebuilding it.
    May also move to a different pot with fresh dirt.
    I'm gonna refer this to a dirt man.
  3. Yes Sir

    I lower my water with lemon juice to get it to 6.0

    Fresh dirt at this stage though? :frown:
  4. You can go lower than 6.0. Can try adding some elemental sulfur.
    Honestly, if I had this problem, I would flush with pH 5.5 until the flush came out at 6.3.
    You can flush into a container, measure the pH of the runoff, lower its pH, then reuse it. Repeat until the pH gets to where you want it. When you are finished, feed it with regular feed, enough to displace everything in the dirt (ie. to get rid of the reused solution).
    I just don't know how well it will work in organic soil, but I've done this in other media.
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    Thanks so much for the advice

    Will try flush again in 2 days when they dry up a bit. 5.5PH might do the trick will follow with a half strength feeding.

    Edit: when i feed, should I PH the solution back to 6.0?

    Wont reusing the water just gather the crap thats raising my PH in the first place and put it back into the soil?
  6. yes
    no. The intention is to neutralize whatever is increasing the pH. This method helps to save water, because honestly, the {repeat} part is done about a dozen times. Just neutralize it and put it back in, let the last flush get rid of the excess.
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