pH seems low plant is dying need help ASAP

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  1. I bought a new pH meter and have been testing my plant that is. in a large 40 gallon bucket because a lot of the leaves over the last week have been getting brown spots. Some of the leaves have been curling upward while some have also been curling downward. At first I thought the problem was that it was over-nuted but after testing the soils pH I noticed that in some spots the pH is perfect (around 6.5) whereas in other spots the pH is around 4.0 and some spots 7.0 leaves are dying and distorting. I don't know what to do.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. Two questions.... How long has that plant been growing and you've been watering it with water that hasn't been pH adjusted? If you've been growing it for a long time now and have just now started checking the pH, chances are you've already got roots that are locked up and the plant can't take in any nutrition at this point. Extended watering/feeds with the pH out of proper range locks up the roots of the plant. If that's the case, then you'll need to flush the plant 3:1 tap water to gallon size container. With a 40 gallon bucket, technically, you would need to flush about 120 gallons of water through that bucket and then the last few gallons going in need to be properly pH adjusted. This will wash off the roots and get them where they can absorb nutrition again. My second question is about your pH tester. What kind did you buy? If it is one of those cheap ones off Amazon and Ebay that cost under $20 or so, order yourself another one. The cheap ones can't be counted on to give you proper readings. I almost screwed up a whole room full several years ago trying to use one of those thing. I finally realized what the problem was and went ahead and paid the $100 to get a good quality one and haven't had any problems with pH issues since. I do see some burned tips on your plant which signify nute burn, but doubt that is what your problem is. I would take a water hose and flush it for 10 or 15 minutes and then run some properly pH'd water through it and then let it sit and drain for several days before starting nutes at a diluted dose. Once you flush the plant, you are totally responsible for all it's nutrition because you clean out the soil completely with a flush. I'm sure others will be by with an opinion and may have a better idea than I do. Hope you get it figured out. TWW
  4. What do you mean when you say you tested different places in the soil? Do you have one of those soil probes rather than a pH solution tester?

    Could you show some more context of the entire plant and the pot? It's a large pot, which could make flushing an pain. Is it really 40 gallons?

    It's in early flower, depending on the feeding and soil some of the spots could be calcium related, but then pH can also lock out calcium so.....

    Also looks a little wilted, could be roots so pH again, but could just be taken before you watered them, or even overwatered.

    A little more information would be helpful. Looks like they've grown very healthily until now though.
  5. i use a probe. differnet spots show different ph. i use tap water and liquid seasol and miracle grow quarter strength now. i dont know where or how to get a ph tester for water

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