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  1. ok so iv been keeping my ph around 5.5 6.0 is that to low should i keep my ph that or put it a 7.0 7.5 btw im using soil
  2. 7.2-7.8 i like
  3. pH ratio is dependent on the medium you are growing in. Soil pH is different from soiless pH, and what you want to watch for when growing is different as well.

    In a soil medium, the water IN is dependent on the water that comes OUT. What you want to do is collect the water that comes out (runoff), and measure it. The water that comes out of a soiless medium is more important the water that goes in, because the water that comes out should determine the pH of the water that goes in every watering that follows.

    That being said the ideal pH range of soil is probably about 6.4-6.8. So, if you collect the runoff of your soil and it comes out at 6.5, and you put in water of 7.0, then you want to keep putting in water of 7.0 as long as it keeps running out at 6.5. Likewise if you put in water of 7.0, and it runs off at 6.0, then the next time you water your plants you want to put it in at 7.5 to get your runoff to 6.5.

    What I'm trying to get at is the runoff in soil is the most important part. You can put in whatever pH water you want, the contents of the growing medium will change the pH of the soil - sometimes even greatly change it. In general the pH of your soil is going to go down as the plant goes through it's growing cycle, therefor always putting in water at 7.0 while may be fine at the beginning, is probably going to cause problems in the long run because the runoff will probably sub-6.0 which will cause severe nutrient lockout of almost all nutrients.

    That is why a grow log is very important when growing in soil. Every time you feed your plants, you need to look at the runoff from the last time you fed them, and adjust your pH based on that. That way every feeding you can have exact pH, and you can be sure that the plant will be able to use it's nutrients to the best of it's abilities.

    This will also allow you to determine what deficiencies (if any) you will come across, because if your pH is always in proper range, then your problems will NOT be caused by pH lockout, and simply because you are over/under feeding.

    I'm a firm believer that pH issues are the number one cause to MJ problems (other than pests). pH problems can make you think you have deficiencies, when in actuality all you have is that your plant can't consume it's meal because it's too acidic or basic for it to enjoy.

    As far as hydro/soiless goes. pH of 5.8 is ideal. In a coco medium, or some other medium that doesn't have soil in it, 5.8 is still probably ideal (correct me if I'm wrong, never grown in soiless other than pure hydro) but the same theory remains as if it was soil. Water it, collect the runoff, measure the runoff, and adjust next time.

    It may sound like a pain in the ass, but I've said it before I'll say it again, if you want to grow chronic, then you have to keep your pH in line.
  4. I also grow under the MMJ here in MI.I was having issues because I was only ph of the nutes going in.Now I am measuring the run off and the difference is unbelievable in the growth and health of my plants.

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