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  1. I have a soil tester and I put some soil in a container break this capsule open pour the powder into it fill the rest with water and shake it up the question I have is, is this enough to test it because im starting to get rust stops on 2 of my leafs and everyone says check your ph level and I checked it and it's around 6.0 according to the color chart on it...Please help me with this and should I test anything else beside the soil?...thanks in advance!
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    For soil 6.2-6.8 is the range to shoot for as for your tester I never heard of or seen a soil test kit like you just described. Theres a whole thread dedicated to PH and is something you should check out.
  3. What would be a good tester for me than? And thanks for the advice so far
  4. Never heard of that either. Check your run off water to.
  5. A digital tester by Hanna, Bluelab or Milwaukee are some good brands, they test liquid not soil. Test the PH of your water and or nute mix going in then test the run off out of the bottom of plant pot. The run off PH is what you go by and adjust your PH on your next water or feed as needed. A cheap digital tester will run about $25-35, calibration solutions about $10-15 and some bottles of PH Up & Down about $20.00. The only soil PH testers I have seen used and are extremely accurate are not cheap at all and simply arent within the average growers budget considering the ones I`ve seen nursery employees use and the ones my nephews used in their Agriculture classes ranged form $400.00 all the way upto a little over $1000.00. There are some cheap soil testers out there but they are not that accurate at all.
  6. Now the run off is what come out of the bottom of the pot correct? And should I be watering until there's some run off?

  7. Yes.
    Water or feed till you have 20% of it as run off in the bottom catch tray the plant sits on then PH test that also. Watering or feeding till theres about 20% run off helps reduce salts that build up in the soil over time. For soil grows the PH range is 6.2-6.8 with 6.5 being the safe zone, to high and certain nutes can get locked out and salts will build up faster and to low other nutes will get locked out. The most important PH reading is the run off reading that will tell you what the PH of your soil is and if its low, high or just right. The PH doesnt need to be a constant 6.5 just as long as its close.

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