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  1. Hello, I am 5 1/2 weeks into flower and I have recently started using “recharge” by real growers, have to say the girls love it and have noticeably perked up. I also am growing in Fox Farms Ocean Forest along with their nutrient line and I’ve consistently maintained a pH between 6.3 - 6.8.

    I watered with the recharge yesterday and checked my pH this morning And got a reading on my white widow at 5.0 and my northern lights at 5.3

    My questions are should I wait a day or two and let it dry out before adding the “pH up” Or go ahead and water now adjusting the ph? I just don’t want to get into overwatering and I do have some burnt tips / brown spots on fan leaves... don’t know if this is connected?
    I’ve actually never had to use the pH up or down so this is my first time using the adjusted ph’ed water, will I be safe just mixing up 1 gallon or should I mix up 3 gallons and do sort of a flush? Both of my plants are in 3 gallon pots. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  2. Just wait and make corrections next water feed

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  3. 10-4 thank you good sir

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