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    I am using ff nutes and soil. I just really dont undertstand how people keep there ph in check, i really dont know that mine is out of whack but i just dont know how to control it. Does flushing take care of this or do you guys use ph up and down? Please someone explain to me step by step how you control it. I know some guys say ph your water and dont worry about it? What do you mean by ph your water? what do you use? I have a luster leaf digital ph meter but i swear i dont know if it works right?! I also have the two prong analog meters like theyve sold for yrs and lowes. I just need a grasp of overall what you guys do . Whats the easiest way. Thanks everyone, i know i am confusing.:wave:
  2. I have saw the threads about ph, but i just wanted someone to explain there process, it would be better if it where a fox farms user, but i will take any info i can get so please HELP!!! i appreciate your time.
  3. An organic soil does and should not require you to check or attempt to adjust soil pH. When created/constructed it should have either a small amount of any of the liming agents added, such as agricultural lime, oyster shell flour, gypsum, etc. to offset the acidic qualities of the sphagnum peat used in the base soil.

    The addition of thermal compost and worm castings is also a valuable tool, not only for the nutritional and biological value (ie: soil microbes) but because these items have the ability to balance and stabilize soil pH.

    Once a quality organic soil is constructed, providing it contains the items noted above the gardener should no longer concern themselves with either checking or attempting to adjust pH - let the liming agents and humus do their job.


  4. I use Advanced Nutrients which is PH neutral. So my tap water is around 7.2 when I add the nutrients to the tap water it goes down to 6.3. Which is ideal. Some like a ph in the 6.0 to 6.3 for soil. Nitrogen is more available at 6.0 than 6.3. There is a chart which shows what nutes are available within the PH range. So better to veg at 6.0. I used organic nutrients at first and had problems with PH.

    If you use organic nutes wait an hour after mixing and then check and adjust PH. I use PH up or down. Also make sure your calibrating the PH instrument regularly using 7.0 solution.
  5. To test the Ph of your water or nutes just mix some up and let it sit for ten minutes or so as temps can make a difference to the reading. If the Ph is too high or too low then adjust it with Ph up or down depending on what it needs.

    To keep the soil Ph in check you need to collect some of the run-off water to test. Let some of the water come out of the bottom of the pot and then test the Ph of it. Its the soil Ph and run-off which you need to keep in check really. I like to keep the Ph around 6.8 for soil.

    Organic or not if its indoors then I always check and adjust the Ph, with the outdoor plants I just Ph the water and nutes, I do not adjust the soil as its not as simple to collect run-off :smoking:

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