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  1. What is your method of keeping a stable PH level for soil?

    Im alittle confuzed, do you measure the soil PH and then determine what to make your water mix PH to be?

    For example say i have a soil PH of 7.1 and i would like a 6.8 do i make my water PH 6.5 to balance it out? How does it work?
  2. yup, pretty much.

    Although, the math doesn't exactly work that way. In the soil, the pH refers to the pH of the mass of dirt. When compared to the pH of the volume of water, you're talking apples and oranges.

    This is where the advantages of hydroponics come in. When my pH is off, I can measure with my tri-measure, the pH, ppm, and EC of my nutrient solution. I can then determine the ration of nutrient solution to my adjusting mix and calculate exactly what it's pH has to be to correct the problem.

    With soil, this is much more difficult without doing a lot more tests and calculations. So, when my soil pH is too high, I make my water for the next feeding the pH of my target and then some. Just a little extra in whatever direction you need to go. That little extra changes in proportion to how much soil you have and how much water you're pouring into it.

    If I didn't answer your question, or if I just managed to confuse you further, let me know. I'm pretty stoned right now.
  3. I don't test the pH of my soil but I make sure I have dolomite lime mixed in with the soil to buffer the pH to 7.0.

    Then I use a chemical from the fish store to buffer my water to 7.0.

    And most of the time Ill add some pH down to lower the water pH to 6.7.

  4. what are some good chemicals/things that can be added to soild to correct acidic and basic soils? Maybe some household products that work?
  5. I'd test that soil pH
  6. thanks alot up4anything, anything else i would need to know?

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