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  1. I have 2 pH testers. They seem to give a little bit different readings, and now I have a couple of questions about pH.

    One meter has prongs approx. 4inces long... the other has prongs approx. 8 inches long. The Ferry Morse meter uses a 1.5V battery, the other uses no battery at all.

    In the first pic I have both meters buried about 4 inces deep. The reading on the Ferry is about 6.7 while the other one reads about 6.2 or so. I assume that this part is no big deal.

    This is where I have a question...

    In the second pick I have the meter with longer probes buried to about 8 inches. The meter reads about 5.2.

    Should the soil carry a more consistent reading, or is it possible to have different readings depending on the depth?

    If I show a lower pH at a deeper level, should I adjust the pH level at that level?
    If I do adjust it then it would also affect the soil towards the top of the pot also, right?

    Just a note.... If I dig down with my finger a couple of inches I can feel some small roots. I can also feel them deeper down when I push the longer probe in.

    Does the fact that I can feel roots a couple inches down mean anything (like maybe overwatering)?

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  2. Anyone????

    Also want to mention that I think I only have 2/3 more weeks to go. I am starting to see more red hairs everyday.
  3. Generally multi-purpose meters are not very accurate. In particular that Hold All pH/mosture/light unit I would not trust. Those things only cost about $9 at Lowe's, you get what you pay for. That doesn't mean that the other one is accurate, though.

    Roots a couple of inches down is not necessarily a bad thing, but continuing to poke your finger down in there and touching the roots can be.

    Interesting question about pH being different at different depths, I would think it certainly is possible, but how would you go about adjusting the deep soil's pH?? I'm just guessing, but if the pH truly is different at different depths then maybe it's time to flush the soil.
  4. do you have a good ph testing product??
    the ph strips seem to be pretty accurate, but does anyone have/know of any automatic ph ones??(the ones you stick a probe in the soil)
  5. Well, what kind of soil are you using? Promix for example runs at 5.5 pH or so.
    Your water could be off and the deeper you go, the moister your dirt is which is why you get different readings. What I would suggest is test your water in a bucket and adjust it to 7.0 pH and then water your plant with it till it is soaked and runs out the bottom. Collect the runoff water and test that and it will tell you the pH of your soil. If you soil is ok, then you just need to check your water and adjust the pH before watering. Good luck :)

    I am not sure if I would trust a meter that runs with no power. Try searching for 'Checker pH' on Ebay. They're cheap too.

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