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  1. i watered yesterday and forgot to put the garden lime in to fix the ph of my soil,so can i do it today?
  2. I'm pretty sure you can mix it in with the water. I'm not sure of the proportions off the top of my head, but you can find it in here if you use the search function. I've seen it in a few places.
  3. it says not to mix with water to place on top of the soil and water in Q is can i water again only 2 days later without overr watering?
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    Play it by ear, but if you're worried, make sure to drain ALL applicable run-off (or water only enough for the lime to mix), and I understand a cap-full of hydrogen peroxide per gallon H2O is good to increase accessible oxygen in "over-watered" soil. Also I guess make sure you don't over-nute (double feed), but I think you probably already know that.:smoke:

    If you do water again before necessary, make sure you let everything dry out really well before watering again and you'll probably be fine.

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