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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mrbob_58, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. i never water my plant to the point of having runoff. i know the water ph going in is 6.02 and i use very good soil ( promix bx) how do i test the soil ph? i have a digital ph meter.

    do i need to test the soil?
  2. im not an expert by any means, but i have 4 harvests under my belt. ive heard that pro-mix basically has a ph of 0. why most people use it is because they know EXACTALLY what their putting in their soil and when (ph wise) im pretty sure if your 100% positive that your water ph is 6.2? your soil ph should be about the same. plus or minus a cunt hair. and when you water you should always have runoff ! ! ! about 10-20% i believe. i learned that lesson the hard way. but if plants are telling you that their fine.... i would stick w/ the way your doin it. whats good for some isnt ALWAYS good for another. hope i helped ya a bit. take her easy
  3. answered it perfect..thanks. This is my first indoor.. i am a very experienced outdoor.... Indoor is much trickier than i thought. But my cuttings are doing great.. one starts vegging monday and the other is just out of the dome.

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