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  1. I was getting my reservoir (4 gallons of distilled water) ready for my widow's and I did a pH test on the distilled water with my 'Sera pH Kit' (standard kit put 5ml of water in bottle, add 4 drops, match colors). Well it was looking like it was dead on at 5.5 before I add my nutrients. I used the Lucas Formula but I only used half strength as I'm getting ready to start my sprouts (one has came out of the rock wool so far out of 4[others show signs of growth, good!]) on nutrients. I added 10ml of FloraMicro and 20ml of FloraBloom in that order, micro was added to the water first then came the bloom after i gave the water a quick stir. I took a 2nd pH test and now it looks like my water is dead on 5.0 pH. Is this supposed to happen? Will this hurt my seedlings if I used the water at its state now or should I add some pH up and shoot for 5.5 for my pH test kit? (Oh yeah and my pH test kit tests in the range of 4.5 to 9.0. It moves up in increments of .5.)
  2. Nutrients will always change the pH of your solution. Adjust pH after adding them, not before. Some nutes have pH buffers, some don't.
  3. The Flora line of nutes are not going to be pH buffered. This means that once you introduce nutes to your water the pH of said water will be changed... usually brought down, unless you have really trippy water.

    Another note on your base water. You might not want to use "distilled water" unless it was tap water put through double osmosis. Otherwise, your tap should be fine because of the fact that Flora line isn't pH buffered.

    Anyways, good luck.
  4. Peg on there F&D :)

    I used the 3-part for a long time and I'm sold on their new Flora Nova line. They've added a professional mix of additives in there that really give the plants a more lush and healthy look. The growth rates are excellent as always, if not a little better.

    The best part is the measuring is only 8ml/gal and it's a one part. I also use the 'Grow' formula at between 5 and 7ml/gal depending during veg. The 'Grow' is also just a one-part mix.

    Give them a shot. You can pick them up very cheaply and you use very little. :) I'm super impressed!

    (Check out the growing like a pro link in my sig for some tips on shaking and using the Flora Nova line. :D )
  5. Thank you very much for all the feedback!

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