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  1. i am using a soil mixture i always use but may have got it a little wrong anyway when i pour a gallon of 7.2 ph spring water through my plant and test the runoff its like 6.5 is that a problem?
  2. Not really, it slowly evens out. I usually use 6.8 so your runoff isn't too far off, you're still well within the acceptable range.
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  3. coming out thats great, going in not so................!!!

    why would you feed 7.2 to your roots?

    good luck all the same
  4. reason being my ph pen was off and now that i got a new one i tested what i was feeding thats probably why they were having trouble uptaking nutes now i can feed and water at a normal ph of like 6.6
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  5. one thing you are right about the whole key to growing is the roots that stuff on top is a direct result of whats under the soil after every harvest i always check out my rootball/system to see where i can improve one day i want to get into DWC
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