PH problems

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Iscariot, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. What can be used to get the PH to around the right levels if its up to say 10-13 level. Would small amounts of epsom salts/vinegar per gallon of watter help?
  2. thats a really high ph you should prably just buy some ph down for 10 bucks
  3. Holy shit, I just smoked the dying leaves; a couple of very tiny ones on my plant and i'm stoned.

    Its healthy to smoke random leaves right? or rather, not deadly?
  4. You're probably wasted off all the chemicals that are in the plant lol.
  5. Plenty of people harvest before watering down two weeks previous. Is this a health risk?
  6. Smoking in general is a health risk, so I would say yes. Deadly? Well, maybe in 20-30 years =p
  7. First of all if ur H2O is that high , buy some bottled water first. thats usally about 7 ph, then fix it .Yes ya can use house hold items but ph up and down is better. Peace
  8. epson salt is great for plants it can help solve many problems''i use 1 table spoon per 5 ltr of water in my nft tank...NO chance in hell i would put vinegar in tho m8'i have heard this befor but im sure if u use to much then it will cause more probs then solve em...
    ph down is your best bet m8.

  9. Vinegar can be used to lower ph in soil. Do not use it in hydro though. The best is the stuff specifically made forv PH up and down.

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