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  1. I recently built a small inexpensive ebb and flow system to start seed in. I am using plain tap water with no nutrients added to it. the tap waters ph is 8.5 . I adjust the ph to around 5.5 - 6.0 and within the next hour the ph is back to 8.5. no matter how many time i adujust the ph of the water it spikes back up very quickly. can anyone explain what is happening. if so is there a solution to this problem.
  2. have you tried letting the water sit out for 24hrs and then adjusting the ph?
  3. how are you adjusting your Ph? there are many unstable ways to adjust like using lemon or lime juice and vinigar, however, your Ph will just fluxuate right back. get some geniune Ph down solution, boil and let your water sit out overnight then add the Ph down. I garentee that will keep your Ph where you set it.
  4. Ok sounds good. What does boiling the water do, sterilize? Im using general hydroponics brand ph down. i will try what you said sounds like it could work. thanks.:smoke:
  5. i dont boil or let my water sit out straight from the tap its way over 7 so i add some ph down (vinegar doesn't hold) and i'm good to go .i water with the ph around 6.8 and always try to keep my runoff at 6.8

    just throw'n it out there that i dont boil or let my water stand been do'n this for a while and have not noticed any bad effects

    runoff ph levels i've always found to be very important :hippie:
  6. i dont boil my water but i think letting it sit out for the 24hrs helps alot. you dont want to feed your babys all that chlorine and shit. just my opinion though.
  7. So I'm having the same problem. I let it set out for 24 hours and I'm using PH up/down and within hours it's above 8.0 I'm hoping someone can help or I'm going to have to toss it in soil.

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