PH problems in Coco, Need help...

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am having some difficulties with my plants in Canna coco professional. It seems as if they have stopped growing. a few of them also show signs of deficiencies with light green/yellow leaves. Plants are 50 days old but don't look like it due to the stunted growth.

    I started growing in the autopots at day 19, and I suspect that I turned the system on before the roots were fully developed and thus could not handle sitting in constant solution. So I stopped using the autopot system 4 days ago and started hand feeding. My run-off ph is 7.8 and has not gone down after 1 flush. 3 days after the flush, they were looking healthier and started growing again so I thought I could feed them again, but guess what, I got stunted growth again.

    Medium: Canna Coco professional
    Nutrients (per 10L of Water) : Canna A + B (19ml each), Rhizotonic (20ml), Cannazyme (25ml), Superthrive (1 drop)

    Does anybody have experience with this??

    Any assistance would be appreciated...

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  2. Can anybody help out maybe?
  3. what do you pH the water/feed to before you water/feed? This is a beginner mistake I think that I had too. You pH to the correct range before you water/feed. What you actually gotta do is ph your water/feed so that the runoff is in the correct range, not the feed itself. So if you water with pH of 5.8 and it comes out at 7.8 I would suggest first flushing.. and then take the runoff again with water of pH 5.8 and if it still comes out high like 6+ try watering with lower and lower pH to counteract how much it raises.

    In my first grow I ran into this, and my runoff was incredibly low and I had to water with very high pH, around 8. This was in soil. Now I run coco too so I thought that coco wouldn't buffer it so much and it turned out I was wrong. I checked my runoff pH and it was coming out at 6.5, and now I have to water/feed my coco plants at pH of around 4.5 to counteract. I hope this helps!

    It gets really weird, because the buffering effect can go both ways, in my first grow buffered to low pH and my current, buffered to high pH.
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  4. Hi, thanks for the respone :)

    I water and feed with my ph at 5.8. I have tried your approach. I went down to 4.0 and flushed one plant twice and the run-off went down by .1 .

    I might have to flush more frequently to get it down, idk.
  5. Yes youre gonna have to flush more than that. 2x-3x the pot size or until the runoff is clear. Since you are having the same problem i did im hoing to guess your runoff is somewhat yellowish in color? This is because of all the nutes yer girl cannot absorb due to pH. These nutes gather and become a salt buildup and make the pH do some weird things.

    Eventually after however many gallons the runoff will eventually be clear or at the least clearer and at that point you can experiment with different phs

    When i had this problem in soil it was much worse i had to flush with 6x the pot size about12-15 gallons of water i was so mad.
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