PH & PPM Issues.....Help Needed!

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  1. I have had my clones in veg for about 2 weeks. The time I got them they were all between 4"-6" tall and now they are all between 9"-12" tall. This is my first grow but it seems that they are growing a little on the slow side. Does that seem too slow or is it a normal growth rate?

    In the beginning I put 3/4 strength nutrients in the reservoir and then in the second week changed the reservoir and put about full strength. Half way through the second week I flushed them with just ph water for a couple of days then added more nutrients back at 550 ppm because I started having problems so I figured the ppm was just too high. Not really sure if they were getting nute burn or nutrient lockout. Also my PH keeps rising everytime the plants get watered. I will set the PH at around 5.6-5.8 and it jumps up to 6.5-6.8 everytime. Its really frustrating and I don't know what the fuck is going on. I just put fresh ph water in the reservoir again to try and start over. When it was at 550 ppm It seemed that it went up a little everyday. So I assume that it wasn't drinking the nutrients due to constant fluctuation in ph or just too much nutrients. Someone please help. Should I be putting full strength nutrients or just a mild nutrient strength? This is my set up:

    Strain: Hindu Kush x Skunk #1
    4 1000w HPS
    24 plants 9"-12" tall
    Ebb n Grow bucket system
    Temp. 78 - 85 degrees
    Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow 2 part

    Also, how tall should they be when I put them into flower to get a decent yield??

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  2. Any Advice:confused: I would greatly appreciate some help

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