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pH Perfect Technology...Stories Please

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by decrimCA, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. ANyone finally get their hands on pH Perfect technology? Let me know how it's workign for you before I head out with my wallet....
  2. my local grow store has a setup using it in store growing some sorta lettuce I think in a hydro system, like large pvc pipes and net cups - it works great for them

    I use general organics which is sorta the same in the sense that you dont have to worry about the PH, its not really for recirculating systems but could be used if changed daily - I use it in soil and it works great
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    I'm an Advance retailer and I've been using their products along with a variety of companies since they've came onto the market back in the early 2000's. I've got my hands on a lot of their new products that are supposedly PH/PPM perfect but I haven't ran the whole system because whenever I checked out what they did to the new relabeled Bud Candy it completely disgusted me. They changed the formula and now it smells like Chlorine! Which I have a suspicion is acting as a PH buffer in their new formulas that they claim are PPM/PH perfect. I've also been testing the liquid Piranha and Tarantula for about six months now. My biggest complaint with Advance Nutrients is THEY KEEP CHANGING FORMULAS! The original voodoo juice was green! Three years later it's yellow?! The original Sweet Leaf was fucking awesome! But they came up with Bud Candy and basically threw a bunch of Amino's from the Big Bud in there and watered it down a bit but it wasn't that bad and still really molasses and thick but totally not as awesome as the original Sweet Leaf! Then they changed the Sensizym it began smelling like Bud Candy? Like sweet? Suddenly Scorpion Juice disappears and Bud Factor X is revealed? Then Barracuda vanishes and Rhino Skin is shoved onto the market? I don't know about Advance anymore. It's sad to say but shit is really going down hill for them...

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  4. I'm using it, sensi bloom a/b, and the novice growers bundle.
    I have nothing to compare it to, since its my first grow, but its working like its supossed to, my ph up and down haven't been used since I started using it, and growth has been very good, imo.
    Here's 2 pics of one of my plants, its syrup from buddah seeds, 25 days into 12-12, 59 days from seed.



  5. Presure2 have you actually checked the PH once you mixed up a mix with a PH meter? Because you definitely have signs of PH damage from your pics. The leaves are boated and twisted. Your green looks decent but the system obviously isn't PH perfect. I mean really think about it. How can a nutrient system claim to be PH perfect whenever EACH marijuana strain potentially can require a different PH. For an example a Sativa is going to feed at a completely different PH category than an INDICA. This is because Sativas feed less and INDICAS feed more. If you don't want to worry about PH then don't use nutrients like bloom boosters and a bunch of additives that have salts in them. Use a well balanced soil mix and you'll never have worry about PH or PPM because if you make up the right mix with guanos, fish meal, rock dust, worm castings, beneficial bacteria, etc then you could just feed your plants plain water and they'll come out organic and absolutely DELICIOUS!

    Check my OAKSTERDAM strain journal out! http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/1002118-oaksterdam-strains-da-bomb.html
  6. Actually, I do, the curled leaves are heat stress (let them get a little too close to the lights..lol
    That particular plant goes from about 5.56 when I first mix my soup, and slowly drifts up to about 5.98 over the course of the week ( I change the res weekly)
    I have 2 other plants going under the same nutes, (a week or so behind the one I posted the pics of) that dont have any issues. (they are a bit shorter, and didn't get as close to the light.)
    Growth on those 2 look great, ill include a pic for refrence.
    What I have found while using it is that each plant finds its own " sweet spot" where the ph ends up going to over the course of the week.
    For instance, that first plant, the syrup, normally settles in right about 5.9-6.0 over the course of the week.
    The next plant, quasar from buddah seeds, settles in higher, at about 6.2-6.25. I know that's on the high side, and at first is try an correct it down during the week, but it always climbs back to that, and growth seems good to me, so I don't adjust it anymore, since the plant seems to like it there.
    The last one, white dwarf settles in about 6.1-.15 or so.
    The one thing I did get was a little nute burn on the quasar, I went a little crazy with the suppliments and added in some powdered bud blood I got as a sample. I don't know how much it would normally affect ph, but mine stayed stable with the ph perfect stuff.
    These plants were started as a test run to learn with while I get everything dialed in as far as room temp, airflow, ect.
    I started them off with an "jungle juice" (non ph perfect), using the Lucas method, and kept a daily record of ph ect and had to adjust it daily.
    My water (ro filtered) comes out @ about 7.3, between 0-5 ppm, and once I add the sensi bloom a/b it goes down to 5.53-5.58, stays there when I add my growers bundle stuff depending on which week I'm in, and then slowly drifts up over the course of the next week while I add back plain RO water everyday.
    For me, its working great. I'm sure someone with more experience growing could do it better, without needing or wanting to use AN stuff, and that's fine, but for me, I'm happy with it so far, and will use it again on my next grow, which will be either super lemon haze, or tangerine dream. (decisions decisions!)

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    "That particular plant goes from about 5.56 when I first mix my soup, and slowly drifts up to about 5.98 over the course of the week ( I change the res weekly)"

    Okay so if it fluctuates at almost .5 then it's not PH perfect. If it fluctuates at all it's not PH perfect. What are the ppms? I hate saying this because I'm an Advanced retailer but I think this system has some problems and it's a mirror gimmick for more people to start using their line of nutrients. And personally I've been using Advanced nutrients for 10yrs!! So if anyone knows the up's and down's of this company it's me.

    Unfortunately, lately it's been a lot of downs. Their mixes are constantly changing. Products will appear and then suddenly disappear. The formulas are way over hyped. The amount of hormones and chemicals in their products are in no way, shape, or form good for you. The PH/PPM perfect carries major amounts of PH adjusters and chlorine!

    So if you're growing weed to smoke I'd recommend growing with organics. You don't use PH adjusters, harsh chemicals, or preservatives that are in mostly ALL store bought and bottled nutrients. You make the food you give them! Teas, composts, earth worm castings, guano, lime, beneficial bacteria, fungi, etc. You purchase good dirt and add all of the food your plant will EVER need! Check out Subcool's Supermix you can google it or read about his style of growing in his self title book: DANK He's an organic grower, breeder and owner of TGA genetics they put out some awesome strains: Purple Urkel, Querkel, Space Queen, Vortex, Apollo 13, Jacks Cleaner, Deep Purple, etc.

    I would encourage you to read up on organic growing and don't waste your hard earned money at a hydroponics store because some sales guy told you or suggested that you purchase a certain nutrient or regime. All of that stuff in that system that you are using is bad for your health and by no means medical. You could save $$$ and start using way less unhealthy nutrients and grow way better medicinal quality herb.
  8. From my understanding, there is a ph "range", and not one set # to go by, also stands to reason that as you add back water, the ppm would slowly go down. (my ppm varys depending on which and how much of each product I use during each week)
    It is also my understanding that it is ideal to allow your ph to fluctuate some (between accepted levels of course), as to allow diffrent nutrients to be absorbed by the plant, since diffrent nutes are more available at diffrent ph levels.
    Stop with the organically rederic, this is a thread where the op asked about AN nutes specificly, not organic info.
    I have done quite a bit of research on organic growing, and probably will try it in some form in the future, but that's not the focus of this thread, is it?
    I'm more focused on providing the op info on what ph perfect has done in my grow, and my opinion on how it specificly affected my plants.
    Go find a organic vs not thread, that is clearly your focus here.
    To the op:
    Hope that my posts help.
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    Presure2 I'm just suggesting that you smoke organic weed. If your objective is to collectively get rid of your herb then a so called "PH/PPM Perfect" system is right for you. Once again I've been using Advanced Nutrients for I bet longer than you have. I've had good success with their stuff and terrible success. I've had nice full harvests. And completely burned up unsalvageable harvests. All that I will say is what you are being sold is a bunch of shit you don't need. But it's ultimately your decision as to how you grow your bud and that's all that matters in the end. If you're happy using chemicals and PH buffers than so be it. If you're happy spending excess amounts of money on products that I GUARANTEE you aren't needed to grow quality bud. Then so be it! You could take my advice with a grain of salt or you could completely ignore everything that I'm telling you and just experiment with your money until you find out what works. Here's a list of EVERY Advanced product that I've thoroughly tested against GH, Dutchmasters, Foxfarm, Canna, House of gardens, etc.

    Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom (I continue to use this today for organic grows.)
    Sensi A+B Grow & Bloom (This is a great two part regime when used ALONE.)
    Rhino Skin (I haven't made my mind up about this product yet.)
    Hammerhead (This is a great PK booster when used alone.)
    Piranha (This is one of my favorite beneficial bacteria products.)
    Liquid Piranha (This shit actually says 98% water on the back of the bottle! And it costs over $100 per liter! I've been testing it for six months now and the powder is more efficient and overall cheaper. I bet though in the future the powder disappears and they try to just sale this water to naive growers.)
    Tarantula (This is one of my favorite Trichoderma products.)
    Liquid Tarantula (This stuff says the same as the Liquid Piranha 98% water? I've been testing it for six months as well and it's a waste of money. I personally think they just took a scoop or two of the powder and threw it into bottles filled it up with 98% water and slapped a label on it. The powder is much better.)
    Voodoo Juice (This product use to be green 10yrs ago. Now it's yellow? I like the stuff but it's VERY expensive. It does work.)
    Sensi One Grow & Bloom (This was too powerful and it over fed plants with too much PK.)
    Bud Candy (This product was great up until this year. This year they changed the formula once again for the third time and added chlorine to go with their stupid PH/PPM perfect system.)
    Sweet Leaf (This was once my favorite product in the whole industry but they watered it down and called it bud candy)
    Protector (This stuff killed my entire garden because of mislabeling!)
    Bud Factor X (This is a revised version of the Scorpion juice and what it does to your plants is no different!)
    Scorpion Juice (This will yellow your garden out and eventually kill everything!)
    Bud Blood (This will burn your plants but put on early bud sites.)
    Big Bud (This will blow your buds out into mutation levels.)
    Big Bud liquid (This isn't as powerful as the powder.)
    Kushy Kush (I'm not even sure if they sale this anymore. It started off as 1-7-17. Then it changed to 1-2-5! Either way the new formula sucks once again. The old formula could easily burn your plants if you don't use it at the right time during flowering and at the right strength!)
    Emerald Shaman (This was a cool vitamin and hormonal spray that they stopped production on. I use to like this product because a little bit went a long way. The strange thing is this product was out before sweet leaf and it was thick and smelled oddly just like the original sweet leaf?)
    Final Phase (This stuff will make your final product give you a massive headache after you're done smoking it if you use it as a flush as directed.)
    Overdrive (This product will stress the shit out of your plants and if they have any hermie traits it WILL bring them out!)
    Connoisseur A+B (There isn't nothing connoisseur about this garbage at all. The GH one part Flora Nova Bloom blew this shit the fuck out of the water!)
    B-52 (I love B-52. It smells like rancid vitamins and I've noticed really nice gains using this product throughout flowering. Just don't use it in vegging like they say to or else you'll have problems.)
    Organic B (They quit making this product and I use to love it. I think that they probably felt that it wasn't a good seller and why compete with their own product such as B-52 when they basically are the same thing.)
    Sensizyme (This formula has changed way too many times for me to continue using it. I used it when it was cut with bud candy. I used it when it was yellow. I used it when it looked like Rhino skin. I used it when it was clear like water. I've found that I like Cannazyme and Hygrozyme much better. Those two products are ALWAYS consistent)
    Jungle Juice Micro, Grow, Bloom (These are watered down versions of GH's three-part system that is much more potent.)
    Barricade (This was what Rhino Skin use to be. It's nothing but silica and a PH buffer.)
    Juicy Roots (This and the protector were the worst products ever! I don't even think they sale these anymore because once again the company lied about what the products do. They both killed my plants.)
    Bud Ignitor (This will put on early flowers whenever foliared sprayed and fed to the plants during the first two weeks of flowering. I like this product for some grows. I'd recommend using this product with caution. It will burn certain strains.)
    PH UP (Advanced nutrients has the most powerful PH UP on the market. It's EXTREMELY corrosive but by far the best)
    PH DOWN (Again this is my favorite buffering solution. It crushes the GH stuff)
    Nirvana (I thought the previous batch of this stuff didn't do anything at all. They've completely changed the formula like they do with ALL of their stuff and now it smells sweet? Now these days it supposedly has earthworm castings in it but it's missing all of the vitamins it use to have. I'm still weary of this product. Recently I foilared with it and it twisted my leaves. I'm still in the process of currently testing out the new batch right now.)

    So there you have it. That's my extensive studies with Advanced Nutrients. I continue to use a few of their products but others need to be or should be illegal because they are garbage and they will harm your health and terrorize your plants.

    Listen dude I'm not trying to bash your grow or anything. I'm just trying to educate you a little better. I've been doing this type of gardening for 18yrs. I could tell that you're fairly new to all of this. So don't let the hydro shop dudes talk you into a bunch of bullshit. Everything I'm telling you here took me over 10yrs of testing to figure out with a lot of heartache, sorrow and pain.

    If you truly want to know more about Advanced Nutrients start asking around to other forum sites about what happened to their 2+ lbs per light program? LOL It's the same old gimmick that they're trying to push now. A few years from now this program will be gone and something else will be out there to replace it whenever too many people complain and say it doesn't work and it's too expensive. I promise you this company does shady shit and that's why their banned by the "good ol' boys" massive nutrient companies that hate them. Because once again they are constantly changing products or suddenly products disappear. Their 100% money back guarantee is a joke! Try to get your money back for a product that you just decide you don't like. Good luck with that. I've already spoke with corporate and it's too funny the lies they feed their customers. Actually it's a damn shame.

    My final advice is Just do your homework and keep your grow alive and then make your final decision after you have a successful harvest and smoke test. Compare their nutrients to other programs that you may choose to use in the future and you'll discover the truth about what works and what doesn't.

    Good luck :)-
  10. Hey, bro, sorry if I came off as a Dick, not my intention.
    Your right, I don't have a ton of experience with all this stuff, I am a beginner at all this, and appreciate your input.
    I was just posting as to what it did in my situation, in my grow.
    I'm sure as I gain experience I will continue to try diffrent things, including growing organically, but being in the middle of my first grow, I can only pull from that experience.
    Thanks for the info on the diffrent an stuff you've used over the years, ill continue to research and figure out what works for me and my grows in the future, and that info helps.
  11. Well, here's what I've been learning about pH Perfect® base nutrients. I mean, it's sooo easy to say that the nutrients are the things that are causing the pH swings, but that's often because the grower isn't doing something right.

    Just like medications, if you're not using them right, then they're not going to work...even if they were actually the cure for cancer.

    If your grow room isn't set up right, you're going to cause stress in your plants, but pH Perfect is supposed to help safeguard your plants from that. And while that doesn't sound like a super big deal - it is.

    But if your room is totally out of control, not sure how anything can stop damage from happening.
  12. So is AN connoissure ph perfect? As im using iws 12 pots and my ph is moving up too fast, its got connoissure at sensizyme.the whole purpose of iws is that k dont need to attend to them like i did frequently with my coco..any help
  13. what I've been trying to tell people for the past two years. Thanks for this. Can't tell you how many friends SWEAR by AN and I just don't get it.
    Agreed that their pH adjusters are by far the most useful (and in my book, only useful) products produced by Advanced Nutrients.
  14. and don't do tangerine dream. it's garbage. I've never heard of a single strain being so talked down by so many people. try DNA Genetics' Tangie. I hear the genetics are much more stable, and it's much tastier. Brought home three awards from the cannabis cup this year as well
  15. I've been using it for years. I used to have to buy it online from British Columbia. Thank god I can buy it stateside now. I used to check the ph daily when I started using this product. Now I just check it about once every couple of weeks to make sure the shit is still working. I have found out that the numbers will start to creep up when if you go more than a week between nutrient changes. I love this product. I can't say what a pain in the ass messing with your ph is. And as long as you flush your plants for a week, the plants taste as good as organic to me.

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