PH Pens and the Solutions to Calibrate Them

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    I ended up getting two $15 PH Pens and got the Calibration solution (GH) as a weekly check and thank god I did but I have a question about this type of solution. Can i trust that this PH solution isnt off or contaminated in resulting in bad readings? I have been getting weird numbers latley. Not sure thats possible. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. I would trust the calibration solutions unless you contaminated them accidentally by pouring used solution back into the wrong container.
    I have experienced screwed up readings due to weak batteries. I have one of those meters shown in pic and I only use it for backup as it never holds calibration for long.
    If the tip dries out it can ruin the pen quickly. I just screwed up a $100 Bluelab meter that way. Also some brand new pens can be bad right from the manufacturer. I experienced three in a row last year. Thank god they were warranted and replaced free.
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