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  1. Hi i have a little qiestion here
    When checking the ph or the water with a digital ph.tester.calibrated with ph7... The water is at 5.8
    When adding nutrients it drop to 5.3 and 5.4

    What now? Everything is.alright or.what? Do he need to calibrate ph.water.after.adding nutrients ?
    Thanks in advance
    Its.for hydro
  2. Well i think.i.found the.answer on the beginner noob section hahahah...
    Set ph after ading nutrients
  3. I was just about to say that.

    Another thing you might wanna know, is that in hydro, there's a range of from about 5.5-6.0 that's generally acceptable for the plants.

    When the plant eats nutes out of the water, the ppm, (parts per million), of nutes goes down.

    Anytime the ppms, go down, the ph goes up. SO......start your water at the bottom of the range, (around 5.5), and you wont have to go and set it back every day because it'll take a few days to get up to 6.0, where you can then adjust it back down.

    Ask all the questions you want man. I think the whole real point of grasscity is to eventually just have everyone in the world growing lots of weed. So get on that!
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    He thank a lot man for the quick answer
    And i would like to say thank a lot to this forum it much on knowledge on tips to grow...

    And i have a litle other question please....
    What can happen if some one grow the entire 5 first week of flowering and the ph is so low like 5 to 5.2
    (Even if everything looks fine) and he just get the tool to adjust ph ????
    Still in hydro
    Thank again in advance and sorry for my poor english im french

    And thank for the tips on starting on at 5.5......ive read never 5.5
    ??? Or is this only in soil

  5. You really only have to calibrate once. They sell reference solution you stick it in a cup with that test it. The reference solution is ph 4 or like 7. Since you know its 4.0 when you stick it in if it reads it you calibrate it then. Then you know you have a known good ph reading.
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    Hydro and soil grows have different PH requirements. Hydro is much lower then soil. Theres no soil suspension to worry about in hydro changing ph.
  7. LOL Isn't that one true. Grass City got me to grow weed too... Well, you don't hear me complaining though :D

  8. If the plant looks ok, then it looks ok. I'd get the ph into the right range asap though and try and keep it there.
  9. Alrigjt. Thank a lot for those detailed information

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