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  1. Hi all. I'm currently on my first run of clones I've ever done. My soil is on run number 3. I'm starting to notice more yellowing than normal with the plants at week 5 of flower. For shits and giggles, I checked my runoff and soil PH and it running just over 7. The only changes to this soil from the last run was an amendment of EWC, Peat, Dr Earth dry 2-2-2 and some rock dust. I mulch with alfalfa hay. So... I check the PH of my EWC and find it to be well over 7. I'm leaning toward this as a problem so I remulched with pine needles and Peat to try to lower the PH. Can anyone suggest a way to get my worms to shit properly! lol. I give the worms a bit of rock dust now and then for digestion and thought about throwing in some gypsum also. I feed them mostly kitchen scraps and remnants of my last grow along with some cardboard strips or paper bags when needed. Any help will be much appreciated!

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    Sulfur dust and the local microbes will turn it into Sulfuric Acid eventually lowering the soil PH but likely not in time for the current plants.
    For fast acting you'll need Ammonium Sulfate as it works chemically and right now. No waiting 3 months for the microbes to do their thing.

    I water my outside grow with city hose water and constantly fight the PH push all that out of range water causes with Sulfur Dust but it's just not enough fast enough. This year I used Ammonium Sulfate and what a game changer. I was losing ground every year with ever smaller plants and marginal harvests.

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  4. ?? all I see is my post copied. :)

  5. Thanks. What do you think of Magnesium Sulphate as a possible help? Also, i didnt mention this in my original post, but my clones had to wait for room in the flower tent for alot longer than I planned so I had to do a brutal topping to keep them shorter. They seemed to come through that fine and after some nice LST they looked good until now.
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  7. Fertilizers Containing Sulphate

    What I can glean is you need to be careful of overdosing with the Magnesium side of the Sulfate and the Ammonium will change to Nitrate and that is less likely to cause issues.

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