ph nutrient lock out-figured out, but how long till harvest?

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  1. I know, kinda vague title. Hydro system, 13 gallon res., It was just 2 weeks till harvest when I figured my lock out f*ck up. How long should I keep the nuts. up before I flush for the final time? I'm thinking I should keep the nuts. up for two more weeks until the buds get fat. That will add to a total of 11 weeks in flower instead of the 9 weeks planned.
    Sound okay?
  2. You should get a mini microscope to check the condition of your trichomes. (Crystals) If they're already turning amber, 2 more weeks might be too much. If you're unfamiliar with checking the trichs for the optimum harvest time, read this article: Peak Harvest

    You can get a good mini microscope at Radio Shack for about 12 bucks.....a good investment. This chart here will help you determine which trichomes fit your needs for the intensity of your smoke:

  3. What makes you think you have a nute lock out? Even if you do, I would suggest changing out your solution. Add new water and keep your nutes at about 350-400 PPM. If the Ph is in the correct range, your problem will start correcting itself. It will be carry you through to harvest.
  4. Thanks Chunk & Tex. I found out about nute lockoutthrough the "sick plants" section of grasscity. I just matched pictures I saw of what was wrong and compared it with my girls.
    I've got a meter now so I'll stop being a newbie with my second grow.:smoke:

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