PH Meter?

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  1. anyone have a nice electronic digital meter they dont mind recommending?
  2. Just use the drops much better and cheaper unless you run a lot of diff water tanks to cheek i have 4 to cheek and have no prob doing it every day with drops.
  3. I have a hanna and it's not that friend has a milwaukee and likes it a lot
  4. There we go. Looks like we have a winner. Thanks for most of your responses.
  5. [quote name='"DrAbsurd"']There we go. Looks like we have a winner. Thanks for most of your responses.[/quote]

    Why not all the responses?
  6. Because I asked for a electric meter. I have already tried the "cheaper" versions... There not when you buy them over and over. I want a nice digital where I don't have to compare colors. So the very first response was not helpful. No attitude when I say... If I asked "how should I test for ph" it would have been fine.
  7. well I'm sorry to give my opinion. don't thank that a meter is with out its own problems cuz they are, grasscity can tell you. you have to zero it out in a solution part ware out or distort and have to be replaced so my opinion steel stands. sorry if you just wanted some one ells to shop for you, i do my own research cuz most people cant tell you why they got what they got just had it at the store on sale.
  8. the oakton one is good, make sure you get the ph2 not the ph1 because the ph2 is auto temperature adjusting and the ph1 you will have to take the temp and then do some math if its not exactly the right temp

    also make sure you get some calibration solution get the 7.01 and 4.01 at a min and if you can get the 10.01 but really you only need the 7.01 because you arent going to be testing anything out of that range and nothing below 5.0ph or above 8.0 so really 7.01 is all thats needed but you can get the others to be sure

    also you need, and I mean need the storage solution and electrode cleaning solution - [ame=""]this[/ame] is what I bought and then got another bottle of the storage solution because you have to replace that stuff like every week or it will get nasty in there - the electrode cleaning solution will have "floaties" in it this is normal its the protein chains needed to do the cleaning dont worry about that

    you only fill up the cap to the top of those plastic fins on the sides inside of it or else it will squirt out when you put the probe into it - the storage solution is really salty water but its purified and stuff but you will get salt build up on the outside of it just rinse it off before taking off the cap and you are all set

    one last thing to mention is that if you get a meter made in the USA then get the calibration solutions that are made in the USA - or if you get an European meter then get the calibration solutions for European meters because its possible that there are different measuring methods used and they could be slightly off but if used in the meters made for it it will be less likely to be a problem

  9. That is why I tried to type without attitude... but that is kinda hard. I do like opinions. and between the last two posts im starting to rethink if i should get a meter or not. sounds like more bs than my little grow warrants. ^^^^ that is the post I wish you would have made first.

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