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  1. i just purchased a milwaukee sm 100 phmeter and im trying to figure out how to calibrate it im really confused they told me all i needed was the storage solution electrode cleaning solution and the ph 7.01 buffer should it already be calibrated?im really confused never used this type before
  2. Did you get the manual with this meter?

    Rinse probe
    Put the probe in 7 and adjust offset
    Rinse probe
    Put the probe in 4 and adjust slope
    Rinse probe

    Calibrate twice a month and when you change the batteries.
  3. mine didnt come with instructions but i just downloaded them from the site and now i see fuck i got to order the ph 4 cause it only came with 7 god damn it
  4. My advice is buy 500ml of the calibration and storage solutions.
    You get a decent price and you are going to need them.

    The rise is prob a waste of money. I rise with water and keep it clean and have never used a "rinse" solution.
  5. well i am gonna order the ph 4 buffer in like 2 hours got to find my cc lol

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