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  1. I searched around, I couldn't find the answer, I made this post.

    I want to set up a Hempy Bucket grow. Would a PH test strip kit be ok? Or will it really be a problem without a good PH meter?
  2. strips are ok in a pinch, IF you know they read accurately...
    i picked some up recently as a back-up, and the only color they showed was brown, i got a diff color (red) only by putting ph down directly on the strip
    hanna makes some reliable ph readers, definately reccomend a digital reader over strips or drops anyday, just be sure to keep the probe wet, and re-calibrate every week, and you'll be ok

    hempy buckets are the shit! that's what i'm using right now
  3. Not all pH test strips are the same, but with quality pH test strips you can grow just fine with any setup. Also consider the liquid tests. Cheap and last a long time.
  4. Quality meters work well as long as you keep them calibrated.
    I don't recommend the strips, they usually cover either a too narrow range or are not functional enough for your purpose.

    You should be looking for a wide range liquid PH test from a Aquarium store.

    100 tests cost around $10.

  5. just get a general water/ drop pH test kit. Ive been using em for years and theyre always correct for me.
  6. I was Looking at a few hanna meters, Reliable? I've heard good and bad.

    So those liquid tests will cut it? They seem dodgey-er than the strips.

  7. pH ??? Never bother with it, and my plants grow better than most.
  8. I noticed you say something similar before. haha. What medium are you using?
    I would think that in a Hempy Bucket, PH is a lot harder to ignore?

  9. I have a Hanna meter, works great but has to be kept calibrated.

    The liquid tests have a broader range than the strips.

    If you use a non PH fluctuating water source you won't have to keep testing IF and when that water has the PH desired (low 6, see chart).
    If you Hydro or use a PH fluctuating source such as I do you will have to keep checking ALL THE TIME or too high/low PH levels WILL cause nute lock out on your plants.


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    Any one have experience with this meter?


    Hanna Checker 1 (model #HI 98103)

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