pH Meter Recommendations and advice.

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  1. Hey all,

    I was wondering if anyone had some pH meter recommendations. I am currently using
    Hanna Instruments HI99104 Educational pH Tester Customer Reviews: Hanna Instruments HI99104 Educational pH Tester, 0.00 to 14.00 pH Measuring Range, +/-0.2 pH Accuracy, 0.01 pH Resolution
    It seems somewhat reliable but the reader never really rests on one read out. It seems as if it just keeps climbing gradually. I know it has roughly a .2 deviation which is fine but I wanted to know if anyone knows of a better tester or advice with this tester.

  2. I always use Milwaukee might pay a little.more...but they are built to last you can actually drop it and it still works unlike some other ones that go to shit the moment of impact.. and there's even ones that self calibrate with no solution..from milwaukee..I ALSO have the old school fail proof ph test liquid for making sure...and for emergencies.....

    good luck and good grows

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  3. I haven't owned a pH meter in years - I use the drops - it's never wrong, no calibration, no 4.0 solution, no 7.0 solution, no storage solution.
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  4. yup !! !agreed that's the liquid I was just talking about...old school but totally fail proof and easy...I do have pens now because I'm in charge of a mammoth grow and would use like 1/3 that vial every 2 or 3 days...but IT IS good to have this liquid on hand...

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  5. I like my blue lab its been 2.5 years and going strong..... my previous meter only lasted 6 months before it started acting funny

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  6. How much maintenance does that meter need? Must it be stored in a solution?
    I'm thinking about getting one.
  7. Oh yeah, Bluelab, why use anything else, and might as well get the Truncheon while you are at it. Bluelab called me from Australia one Friday afternoon.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG] this is what I got I think I have to calibrate the pH meter every month or two it tells me when to do it ,when it's calibrated there's a little check mark on the screen and when the check mark disappears that's when it's time to calibrate. It takes about 2 minutes .... there's a little sponge thing in the cap that the probe sits in and you just got to keep it wet with the storage solution so the probe doesn't dry out .... ultimately I'm pretty happy with it no complaints

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  9. Keep clean and reuse the calibration fluid. No bargains there. The storage solution is just acid you drop from a cheap dropper you buy so it stays moist. Failure to do so will bond the lid to the pen.
  10. looks like the blue lab one in the pic...if so I hear they are good but don't drop it...I hear the blue lab ones need to be calibrated like once a week without use ...less if you use everyday...and do have to have the 3 solutions storage and the 2 for calibration.

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  11. I have the same blue lab set as stoner and it works great. I've only had to calibrate it 3-4 times a year. I use rainwater though and rinse it after every use. I also always use the storage solution. Blue lab has a storage solution you put in the cap each time.

    Blue Lab, Milwaukee, and Hanna are the only ones to buy. I'm not sure which is the best but they are all good. I always recommend that GH ph test liquid to noobs. It's like $12 and extremely easy to use. More reliable then a number on a screen. You add a few drops to a small sample of your nutrient solution and check the color compared to the bottle.
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  12. I always run it under the tap before I use it, and I know may tap ph, so it is easy to tell right off the bat if it seems different and then I can calibrate, maybe once every few months. The Bluelab youtube ph pen videos are very accurate and tell you everyrthing I could write with pictures and a pretty girl.

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