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  1. Ok so my ph meter broke.. dropped it in water... there is no hydroponic store near me and walmart only carries the strips... however, I have purified water... would I be ok with watering with just that till my ph meter comes in the mail? Or should I get distilled water??? Please help!!

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  2. What type of medium. I mean if you remember your regiment, then your pH should be close until meter arrives. I use general hydroponics pH drops to check my pH, I don't own a meter.

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  3. It is fox farms ocean forest.... I usually use about a cap n a half to get the ph to where I want it to be.. but I'm just scared to wing it...

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  4. Use the pH strips temporarily.
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  5. One watering isn't going to do a lot of damage. It's watering out of range over a period of time that creates salt build-up around the roots and doesn't allow the plant to take in nutrition. Be careful with those cheap pens too. I bought several before I broke down and ordered a BlueLab, and not a single one of them worked right for very long. Keeping the pH in the right range does make a difference too...especially plants that veg for long periods of time. You have to recalibrate them monthly because they get out of calibration. When you can, buy yourself a really good one. You won't regret spending the money on it. Don't use purified water in your plants....distilled, RO, etc. Filtered waters have been stripped of everything and there are valuable micronutrients in plain old tap water that the plants need and use. Have seen people get weird deficiencies when using filtered water. Just run it straight from the tap and pH it before giving. We don't treat here in the U.S. with chlorine anymore. They use chloramine now and it won't harm your plants. We've used tap water for years now with good results....after I spent lots of $$ on bottled water only to find out that I wasn't helping the cause. LOL That learning curve.....pretty steep. LOL Best of luck. TWW
  6. My tap water has pH 9.5. I called the water company to complain, and they said they purposely do that to cut down on water pipe corrosion in the summer. The winter water was close to 7.

    I wouldn't use tap water without checking pH first. Even though distilled won't have minerals, that won't hurt anything, and that's what I'd use til the pH meter arrives. The minerals in most tap water are negligible, and completely swamped by the minerals in the nutes.

    Drug stores probably have some pH strips that you can use temporarily.

    Those Blue Lab pH pens are great.
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  7. Any pet store/Walmart will have pH strips. They're used to pH the water in fish tanks, so they're easy to find there.
  8. That's an incorrect statement. Half of the country still uses chlorine to purify their drinking water.
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  9. Never goes out of adjustment, no calibration required, no 7.0 and 4.0 calibration solutions, no storage solution.
    Like Upinsmoke - I don't own a meter.
  10. Yes. Personally I use my tap water but my water company uses chlorine v. chloramine. Chlorine itself has caused me no plant harm and I water every day in coco. Unsure on chloramine as it don't evaporate well, on plant effects.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow :gc_rocks:
  11. Interesting. My tap ph is like 9.1 . Hopefully they are like your city and lower it in the winter. Fingers crossed.
  12. If you know your source water to be of near 7ph then just go 3 drop of ph down per 1/2 gallon blindly and you'll most likely be ballpark. I do that all the time when I'm lazy and don't want to take the time to ph everything. That's what gets me in range most times even if I break out my meters. This is with undeluted GH ph down solution with the orange label.

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