Ph Meter Arrived Dry. Company Says It Is Normal?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pawt+Head, May 31, 2013.

  1. So from what I read on here and other cannabis forums, your pH meter must not arrive with it's probe dry, as this permanently damages the probe apparently.
    I bought an oakton ph2      it arrived bone dry.
    Says in the manual to rehydrate with a 7.00 solution which I did and I guess everything is working as it should... but I honestly dont know 100% and that bothers me. For all I know all my pH readings have been off because of this? (i have no proof of that though, my plant is healthy enough i suppose...)
    I also emailed the company (Oakton) and they stated the same thing, simply rehydrate the probe with the solution..... So the information I have is very conflicting.  Most forums say dry probe = a bad/dead probe.... So really need some advice here.
    Does anybody have any knowledge on these pH probes/meters and could soothe my worries? If your tools are actually off/broken, yet you are led believe they are in working order then you are going to be set up for failure.
    Thanks !

  2. I have the same one, came dry. works fine and i do 3 pt calibrations every 5th use or so and it has never been more than 0.1 pH off so far.
  3. Of course its gonna be dry when u get it. Its brand new don't let it dry out after u hydrate for the first time. What did u think they were gonna send it to you soaking in solution. Its common sense

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  4. all mine have all come dry! no problem!
    This, you're fine. Not sure how you were expecting them to ship it out wet either. If you bought it in a store, this would be different, but one of the very minor fallbacks of buying online.

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