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Ph levels flipping out.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Fat looser, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Ok get guys I have got my plants in soil. Indoors. It was brought from outside to flower. Today I noticed some leaf curl and decided to check my ph. I took a reading and it was fine then left and came back a few hours later and it was down around 2. Could this be because if oxidisation in the air. As it is a test kit or is my ph at 2.

    And if it is at two what can I doooooo

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  2. Never tested PH like that, but could your results be skewed due the fact that the water evaporated..? Leaving the sample more concentrated?

    IDK, but a PH of 2 would cook that plant in minutes,
  3. Well it's doing fine, besides a little lead curl.

    Here's the pic not very good, the lamp messes up my electronics? Thats why I don't have an electric ph.

    masturbation is overrated. Get a fleshlight!!!!

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  4. She looks good, a bit of heat stress?

    All in all looks good, trust your gut.. Try to get a PH Meter(handheld, if digital interference is that bad) I whole heartedly recommend anything from Blue-Labs... Every other Meter is shit.(my opinion of dozens of HIGH-END Meters)... fuck hanna.. fck hanna fuck hanna.

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