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  1. if you set up a nice compost pile and mix it in the ground will the ph level be good to go for the whole grow season or will i need to trans plant the plant and cultivate the ground again. is it a good idea to burn the soil before you add the compost or should you just till it then add the compost. what if i use that lyme in a bag stuff? dose that work like compost
  2. ok here is what ya do

    take a shovel full and put it in a bag.
    take it to the local natural resources or soil conservation or gov program and they will analyse the soil and tell u exactly what u need to add. it will cost u maybe 7$.

    and no u dont need to keep adding it all year. little bit of mircle grow or sumthing like that thruout the year is MORE than enough. personally i feed my soil about 1 month into the ground and that is it for the year and ive never run out of nuts.
  3. thanks for the answere

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