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  1. when feeding my garden in veg im not sure what my ph levels should be? my watering solution has been reading at about a 6.5 im wondering if it shouldbeat a higher level then 6.5 ?

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  2. No, that's about as high as you want it to be. 5 mins of research could have told you that. Right about 6.2 is perfect.

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  3. 5.5-6.5 for cocoa
    6.0-7.0 for soil
  4. Outside inground plants in soil can tolerate a much wider range of water then you'd think..
    A diet of pure hose water at 8.5 PH and stinking like a public pool full of chlorine..
    Doesn't bother them one bit.. Adjusting the soil mix to handle the water PH is a better way IMO then screwing with water PH all the time.. I'd never get my chores done lugging 300 gallons of water around the yard every day.. Screw that shit..
    High PH water add some sulfur in the mix to acidify it.. Low PH water use more lime to push it to the alkali side..
    A mix with plenty of compost will dissipate the chlorine and chloramines itself with no need to aerate for hours either.. A whole lot of overthinking gets done with growing this very simple plant..
    My 2 cents..

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