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  1. Ok so I dont have anything to check my ph level. BUT I have a ph tester for my fish water. Now if I made sure the water that I use to water my plants was 6.8 would that be alright to do? Would this give me the correct ph level? thanks for the help.
  2. You certainly want to be adding relatively neutral water, but doing so will not guarantee the pH once it is saturated into your soil. The soil could contain all kinds of things that can affect pH, you must test down in the soil itself (not right after watering) or the runoff.
  3. Ohhh alright I guess I will have to find a cheap PH checker somewhere. I dunno if home depot or menards would have them do you know? So if the ph is high in the soil what do I do to lower it?
  4. Those places should have a pH meter. Don't get one that combines a pH meter with a moisture meter, those are real crap. There is one that is pH only for about $7-10 and that is slightly better crap. Or they may have tester tablets. For a decent meter you'll need to pay at least $25, and they go up from there.

    To lower pH get some stuff at the pet shop, in the aquarium section no less, call PH Down. You could also try adding vinegar or lemon juice.
  5. Alright cool so in order to raise/lower I just put the ph up/ph down in my water that I give the plants right? Sounds pretty simple I think my PH level is wayyyy off.
  6. Test the runoff, if its off then your soil pH is off. once you have the pH corrected run your water/nute solution pH at 6.5, middle of the road is always the best place to be.

    While lemon juice and other home remedies can be used its best to get the PH-up and down at the store as it has food value for your soil. Remember to get some epsom salt, MJ loves magnesium, a pinch every couple of weeks will keep her a lot happier.
  7. What do you guys think of that ph tester? I called today and most people are out until february. I wanted to get that one ordered if you guys think itll work alright.
  8. Dont. i boght that one, and the moisture meter that looks like that... they dont work for SHIAT!
  9. the cheap moisture meter works but so does your finger... my cheap $5.00 meter works okay... i dont really know about the ph meter.. everything i measure shows to have a ph of 6.9 or so... either everything i have has perfect ph or that rapitest is a piece of shit. :rolleyes:

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