PH level blocking out Nurtients?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tadtanator, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I was told that if my PH levels are not between 6.5-7 it could block out some nurtients that my plant needs to start its flowering?
    I have been to 3 place around my town and none of them carry a PH testers so i am kinda out of luck and with no credit card or paypal i cant order one offline.

    So if i add a large amount of flowering nurtients like for example a 0-10-10 could this help get what is needed in to my plants to help began flowering?

    they have been under 12-12 for over 3weeks now with nothing showing up please help me!
  2. The plants will show sex regardless of the ph...are you using soil or going hydro? Sure they arent males? What kind of seeds? Need more info.
  3. alright sounds good i am using soil MG i know its not the best but all i got for now
  4. You say its been 3 weeks under 12/12? Should be showing something by now. I have never had a plant go that long without something showing...are you using a magnifying glass, that helps you know what to look for?
  5. go to walgreens and buy a pre paid visa gift card that you can use online...

  6. So regardless to what is in the soil my plants should have shown sex by now??

  7. not only is it not 'best'

    it's probably the epitome of the worst imaginable. scotts MG is developing some of the mosta trocious poisons for professional landscape usage, that literally kill all living things and has potential to destroy all life on earth as we know it. If you doubt me please ask I'll explicate it or give links, thanks
  8. by the way bud, if you spend like 20 hours reading in the organic section you might learn a few things. large (or any amount) of 0-10-10 will not help your plants in any way. Micorrhizae are bacteria that thrive in humus soils and this nutrient will kill them. Way too much (that is, any) phosphoric acid... Micorrhizae bind to root cells and optimize plant vigor and uptake of vital nutrients (N, P, etc.). that's just one example though you need to do your own research.

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