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Ph keeps rising over night dwc seedlings

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by jkauai, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Hi

    I have some seedlings in a bubble bucket setup with distilled water.
    I have ph'd(Hanna digi cal ok Earth Juice Natural Ph Down) to 5.6 and overnight the ph will jump up to 7.

    I have 0 nutes just distilled water at 20ppm.

    A side possible related question in that the buckets are in a 6x8 room with a vented tankless gas water heater. The room is defn full of co2 and you get dizzy after a while standing in there. The heater was installed by the prev owner and is up to code but with the windows blocked and possibly my exhaust fan creating negative pressure the room fills with co2.

    I do not have a co2 meter(any ideas for a cheap one?)

    But could the co2 in the air cause the ph to rise quickly?

    Or has anyone else seen the ph rise from 5.6 to 7 in 12hours from distilled water being aerated by a airstone.

    they are 2 5 gal buckets with a 7.8l pump and 2 6 inch airtstones turned on low.

    THANKS A MILLION FOR ANY HELP!!!!!:hello::hello::hello::hello:
  2. distilled water is usually 7.0 from the store... maybe add a couple of ML of nutes.. just to put something in the water so it gives the water something to stabilize...

    ph jumps happen some times...

    if you plan to grow for a long time, use the sig and get a R.O. system.. might help the ph swings and its cheap
  3. might be time to give them rood are they over two weeks old?

  4. I would be worried about filling the room and your house with CO (carbon monoxide)
  5. Mine went from 5.5-6 ish to 7.5 in about 5 hours yesterday. im bubble buckets with full nutes. I run Co2 but its controlled along with several buddy's who also run the same setup, so I dont think its from that. You only want around 1700ppm of co2 so watch it. I'm going to have to keep a eye and see if it keeps happening. My water was pretty warm though I wonder if temp. has something to do with it.?
  6. yo distilled water has got a ph of 5.5. and it should stay really stable unless you fuck with the nutes like crazy.
  7. Neutral pH is 7. A pH of 6 - 6.5 is slight acidic. I don't think distilled water we buy at the store is going to be 5.5 out of the bottle.

    But only adding a few small drops of pH down and it will drop from 7/7.5 to around 5.5 very easily.
  8. water wants to reach neutral point naturally, which is 7.0 pH try adding a little cal-mag to raise the EC (ppm/TDS) up this will create an equilibrium and help maintain ur pH a little longer
    (raise the ppm by 20-30)
  9. what kinda gas is ur water heater? if it is CO then that is bad, if its a propane then the exhaust will be CO2, but if its natural gas then u need to fix that, cuz i can kill u
  10. with pure water (below 20ppm) one drop of pH down in one gal will drop it like 3-4 points
  11. Yeah it gets so sensitive with the RO stuff
  12. yeah theres no buffer
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    it need food ro water has no ions there for nothing to buffer or alter ph. think about how much pH you add to full strength nutes, way more than you do with ro water
  14. what is a good cal/mag supp to run in dwc?
  15. ok i just added 1/4 strenght nutes (CES 3 part) im at 5.6ph 140ppm ill check it tomorrow.

    I also got a 6 inch fan exhausting to my attic. I have a 90 deg bend up imediatly after the fan then its a striaght shot to the attic. How often should i run my fan??
  16. pretty much every cal-mag out there is usable in any hydro system. but u dont have to add cal-mag if u have a good food ur using

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