PH keeps going up fast!!

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  1. Hi. I just put a seed that I rooted in rockwool into a bubble bucket. I added my nutes and ph'd the water to 5.8. I woke up the next morning and it was almost up to 7. So I ph'd it back down to 5.8. Checked it a few hours later and it was up to 6.5. I have done this several times and it keeps going up, rapidly. I have the rockwool sitting in hydroton, which I thoroughly washed and soaked in ph water before I used it. I also have some more hydroton sitting in ph water now, and the ph of that water keeps going up rapidly as well. I'm guessing it's the hydroton causing this, or is it? And how do I make it hold it's ph at least longer than a couple hours? And is it possible for too much ph up (or down) to be bad for the plants?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Did you pre soak the rock wool in pH corrected water before using it?
  3. how big is the rooted plant

    and what the previous poster suggested, did you pre-soak the rockwool?

    your plant might need nutrients based on the size of the clone

    so...... pics or it never happen
  4. Yes, I rooted the seed in the rockwool and kept it moist with ph water throughout the process. There is no "plant" as of now, just a rockwool with a couple roots coming out the bottom. When I saw the roots, I put it in the bucket with hydroton..

    A little more info: I have the bottom of my "pot" (im using lid adapters for 5 gallon bucets) sitting about an inch in the water, and the rockwool is about an inch above the water. The rockwool stays pretty moist, so I'm confident it is receiving nutrients (though it doesn't need much as it is just a couple roots at this point)..

    Any other suggestions of why the ph would rise so aggresively? And can too much ph up or down solution be harmful to the plant?

    Thanks for the help!
  5. It's actually just one root coming out the bottom. Not sure why I said roots, force of habit I guess as I am usually rooting clones.. Thanks!
  6. You may have planted the seed to deep in the rock wool. I think that could explain why you have roots before the plant has sprouted. My seeds normally sprout 2-3 days after I plant them in the rock wool. But I also germinate my seeds, I am a little unclear if you did this. I dunno, maybe you covered the hole to tight with the little piece of rock wool?

    Yes i've heard adding to much pH up and down to the water can mess with your plant, but you shouldn't have to, pH down should only be added in very small doses. Try checking the pH of your growing medium.
  7. I thought I might of put the seed too deep in the rockwool, but this morning I saw a little sprout coming out of the top of the rockwool. So I think I'll be ok there. I'll post some pics once it is easier to see..

    And I agree I shouldn't have to use much ph down, but I am having to add it 2-3 times a day. I am pretty sure it is the hydroton making it go up. I have some of the same hydroton soaking in ph water getting ready to go in buckets, and that water keeps going up too. I ph down'd the water I have the hydroton soaking in to 3.5, and in the morning it was 6.1. Has anyone else had this problem with hydroton? Will it ever be able to hold a low ph? And is there anything else anyone suggests to use instead of hydroton?

  8. Did you try your pH meter in a solution of which you know the pH value? Just to ensure it's functionality.
  9. Yes, I have the 7 and 4 solution and two digital ph meters. Everything seems to be accurate on that end..
  10. Uhm, I really don't know then. I guess you have to wait for the experts.
  11. I am pretty baffled myself. Thanks though!
  12. Sounds like your getting ahead of yourself. Seedlings should not need food till around 2-3 weeks. Its possible you could burn her if you added too much food. Also I wouldn't worry about ph rising as that will happen, just keep the rockwool moist and let it grow a bit. Don't fight the ph swings, your only going to hurt your plant.

    A couple O' questions to get ya started.

    Is this your first dwc, do you have experience in hydro?
    How much food did you add to the bucket? - At this stage you may burn her.
    What type of feeding schedule are you using? - Lucas Formula, or Nute feeding chart.
    What type of light are you using?

    Let us know so we can help ya out if you need it.

    Good luck sir
  13. Hi.

    Yes, this is my first dwc and first time with hydro.
    I added a 1/4th of the recommended quantity of nutrients.
    I am just going by what's on the back of the bottle.. I am using Dyna Gro Grow and Pro Tek, and Dutch Master Zone root conditioner, and Aurora Soul Synthetics Grow nitrogen supplement..
    And I have a florescent light about 6 inches to a foot above the pots, and a 400w HPS about 4 feet above. I have a 400w metal halide, but I can't use it till I get my basement set up. Just starting things in my closet right now. Should have the basement ready in a week or so..

    I really appreciate any and all help. I really don't know anything about nutrients or hydro. I have been reading a lot about it all, but some of it is just over my head when it comes to the nutes. I am all about learning, so thanks again for all the help!
  14. I just changed the water. I know have ph 5.9 water and no nutes. I lowered the water lever to right below the pot. I had so much ph down in the last batch of water, and the water was cloudy. When I rinsed it out, there was redish/brownish dirt on the bottom of the bucket. It looks like it obviously came from the hydroton, but I thoroughly washed, rinsed and soaked the hydroton in ph water for several days before using it. I'm starting to think I'm not a fan of the hydroton haha.. Is there anything else that you suggest I use? Or is hydroton the best?

    So anyway, I will keep an eye on things now, and see what happens.. When do you suggest I start using nutes? You said 2-3 weeks, but what size of the plant do you suggest?

    Thanks again!
  15. I started nute in my autos @ 1/2 strength when I saw the 3rd real leafset.
    The gritty stuff is more than likely from the hydroton, I got the same kind of grit at the bottom of my bucket for the first 2 res changes, I am using "grow rocks".
    I like them, but I was worried about light penetrating thru them into the bucket so I got some of those covers that cover the netpot.
  16. Cool, thanks for the info. I am not sure how much more conditioning I can do to the hydroton. I have had two buckets of it sitting in ph water for over a week and the ph still rises to 6.5+ after a day. So now I am just leaving my water level just below the net pot in hopes that the hydroton will not effect the water that way. I am just top watering the rockwool until the roots get long enough to hit the water below the net pot. Hopefully this will eliminate the ph problem, and the red sediment.. But either way, I think i'm going to explore other mediums for sure..

    Do you mean they make special lids to cover the net pots so light doesn't get in? I was kinda worried about that even with the hydroton.. Do you have a pic of one?

    Thanks again!
  17. They make these thin plastic thingys that sit on top of the net pot to keep light out, ill take a pic of the package when I get home. Here is what they look like in place

  18. Ok, cool. Thanks!
  19. Here's a pic of the package, they came 40 in a pack.
    Iirc they were like 10$ or somthing, made by hydrofarm, picked em up @ the local grow shop.
    Hope that helps!

  20. Cool, I will pick some up tomorrow. Thanks!

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