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    Ok so I have a digital battery powered soil PH meter.I'm pretty sure it work's correctly.
    Aren't you supposed to test in damp soil?
    If my soil is dry the PH reads higher,but if I add water,even if the water's PH is way higher it drops the soil reading very low 3.5-4.5
    I've tried it in straight dry plain pro-mix potting's 6.5.add water drops to 5.0
    I have an organic mix that's usually damp read's 5.0-5.5.add water drop's to 4.0-4.5
    No matter the waters drop's to the same lvl when soaked in the organic mix.I tried 6.0 water,and 8.0.The meter will read low if below 3.5,or high above 9.0...So it's not bottoming out.
    My water has less then 80ppm,and it's well water...
    any idea's?

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    I've never tested my soil. I've always just tested my run off.
    But I'll try to help ya out.
    First I've got a few ?'s for ya.
    How old is your tester ?
    Has it been calibrated recently?
    Ok now I'll try to help. I'm not sure about just testing your soil while its damp. Recently I received an email from Advanced Nutrients and they included a huge PDF file on PH.
    I wish I could figure out how to post it but til then ill just copy and paste how they say to test your soil.

    How To Measure Your Growing Medium pH

    So it's important to monitor the pH levels in your medium as well as your nutrients and the alkalinity of water you are using. So how do you measure your growing medium pH? Basically, there are three ways to do it:

    1. Saturated media extract – you add distilled or de-ionized water to the medium just to the saturation point and measure.

    2. Pour-through method – the water is poured through the pot to replace the water that was in there and collected.

    3. Squeeze method – the water that already exists in the medium is gently squeezed out in a measured amount and pH readings are taken

    It also says...
    "Now, don't take the sample from the top third of the container, here's why. There isn't as much root growing activity at the top of the soil. So use the bottom two thirds of your growing medium to take your pH readings because that is the active zone for root growth.
    There's another reason for taking the samples near the bottom of your container, and that's because nutrients will tend to crystallize near the top and can precipitate out a little bit and will give you a false reading"

    Hopefully that helps ya out some
  3. you want a full proof method.....general hydroponics drop indicator.....i have never used a digi-reader and i have never tested my run off....if you have ph swings like that your ph meter needs to be recaliberated or you did not rinse the soil well enough b.4 adding nutes.
  4. I never check ph and have no problems. You want to start off using ph balanced soil foxfarm ocean forest is really good and all there nutes are ph balanced so it takes the guess work out. Just make sure when you water that your ph is a lil high for the first couple waterings if ur having low ph problems and then just keep watering with ph 6.5-7 and your soil should even its self out after a lil while

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  5. Go to lowes or home depot they have multi-meters for cheep

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  6. I found out I wasn't properly cleaning the tip off or something.a perfect 6.5 in every pot now.Thanks though guys...

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