ph issue corrected leading to yellow leaves

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  1. soil : generic organic soil from austin
    bag seed
    fluorecent lighting 180 wats cfl
    grow tent

    ok. so these plants are in some older soil, they are about 4 months old and they were flowerd to determine sex and then veged back. i had a huge ph problem but i believe it was issue with soil i used. i believe its not ph adjusted.

    i flushed the plants till the run off was 6.0 last week. this week i re-potted my clones (which had same ph issue) in fox farm ocean force. the mothers were not repotted and not given new soil.

    the clones are greening back up but still have slight purple stems

    the mothers are still DARK purple stems. and this morning i checked on a mother and saw this. bright yellow, dieing bottom leaves.

    i think it may be just result of previous nute lock out. i looked threw the plant abuse chart, i see quite a few issues. including calcium phosphorus and nitrogen. uhg!!!

    what do you guys think i should do? i've changed to canna nutes, bio flora and cannazime.


    check my journal for complete update
  2. bump!!

    could root bound cause this issue?

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