Ph is off causing nute lockout

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  1. My ph is off causing nute lockout. Can anyone suggest a good, inexpensive, ph tester? I've been searching online for a bit but I'm not sure which one would be good. Don't want to spend what little money I have for supplies on an inferior tool. Anyone with experience with a good tester you would recommend?

    Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for all the helpful replies lol

    I'm going to go for a Hanna meter and hope for the best
  3. Okatron meters are the best on the market - make sure you KEEP THE BULB MOIST. If the bulb dries out your meters fucked.....and the replacement is spendy, almost the cost of the damn meter itself. they work for years if you keep that one issue in hand.
    If your on a budget go the strip route...they are accurate and expensive = i.e. - pH Test Strips, 2-12, Pkg. of 30, 57798 | Ben Meadows

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