Ph is 6.5 going in and ph coming out is 5

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  1. I got my ph kit today. My water is 6.5 going in and 5.0 coming out. I feed it last week but I don't think it's right cause she is showing issues. Burnt tips and the bottom is dying. I do believe that's from over watering. My temps are 75 and humidity is 57%. I might have some of them Nats. I have seen them so I'm thinking I need to do hydrogen peroxide rinse. My roots look great up top. And overall she is doing great. She's under 24hr. I just got all my stuff in to put he into flower in a few weeks but I have to straighten out a few things first. I've included some pics.

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  2. Check out this link on using liming agents to raise soil pH to closer to neutral (ph 7.0). If your soil is too acidic, you should be able to apply a liming agent, and that should take care of the problem for you. Cannabis generally prefers around 6.5, but it's easier for the plant to handle 7.0 than something way acidic something <5.0.
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  3. I've got the ph up and ph down liquid so what should my ph be going in be to make it 6.5 to 7. Going out its at a 5 going out and 6.5 going in. If the ph of the water is 6.5 I guess what I'm asking is what do I need to raise my ph to. On the next go around I'm doing different soil and more organic
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  4. Hell yeah, this is the winner medal for your comment!!
    I'm definitely no pH expert -that's why I went fully organic lol. As far as I understand, pHing water up/down each time is just a band-aid so your plant can continue to take in nutrients. It's possible someone else around these parts (the Sick plant section is the right section for this question) has a better answer for you, but I'd still recommend topdressing some lime as a longer term fix.

    I went full organic with a super soil type grow first, and as I gained a greater understanding of organic growing, I increased my container size (at 25 gallons each for the current flowering run) and began mixing my own soil. Haven't touched my pH pen since.
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  5. Ok my input....
    First off.. your very "hands on" I can tell.
    Try stepping back and being " Hands off"
    Less is more. She is growing herself you should be asking her what she needs instead of telling her how to grow by doing a whole bunch of stuff like peroxide and flushing etc...
    You have in fact flushed out your nitrogen as your yellow bottom leaves indicate nitrogen defficiency.
    You must add nitrogen asap.
    Ask how if you don't know what to do..
    Second you should continue watering with 6.5 ph water don't play mad farmer and try amending your soil. You do not want to kill the bacteria in the soil with acidic soil.
    At this point with your plant stop doing anything extra just water with correct ph water it will eventually level out.
    To immediately fix you nitrogen problem without watering your plant you can ph water and add a nitrogen water saluable fertilizer to a spray bottle and foiler feed the leaves.
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  6. He's already got acidic soil, and adding a liming agent isn't playing mad farmer and won't kill the bacteria in the soil. Drop by the organic section and have a read sometime.

    A mad scientist would be someone mixing stuff up in a lab so would a mad farmer be someone carefully measuring liquids out of bottles, checking the pH, and adding more liquids or crystals to adjust it? Perhaps carefully measuring ec would qualify a farmer to be a 'mad' farmer?

    An organic grower would mix soil before the grow starts (with LIME to raise the pH of an acidic soil mix), add water, and periodically sprinkle vermicompost on their soil. An organic grower can do more than that if they choose, but imo, that's about as 'hands off' as growing cannabis can be...

    Newbee1979, good luck, man!
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  7. OK thanks a bunch. She's not been watered in a few days so I went ahead and feed and water her and checked the ph out and it's slot better I would say 6. But she is went so I have the dehumidifier running and a fan on her SIL to dry out the my top soil isn't wet for them nats.

    So I can say the leaves with nutrients solution. I didn't know you could do that?

    Thanks for all the help it's greatly appreciated.

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  8. I am probably more familiar with organic farming then you are my friend.
    But were not here for a pissing match. You know what to do I know what to do but let's keep it simple and help this guy .
    we can both be right..
    Remember your organic soil is reliant on a relationship with positive charged ionic forms of nutrients ,that come from the digestive enzymes of bacteria in the soil.
    This guy has already used non organic fertilizer rendering the "organic " relationship with his soil obsolete at this point.
    If he gave his plant non organic phosphorus of any kind the plant has pushed the microbes away from the root zone already
    Organic soil relies on microbes to break down phosphorus into an ionic form so the plant can uptake the nutrient the plant trades 30% of sugars to feed the microbes on the roots in exchange for the phosphorus break down. The plant will no longer benefit by giving the microbes its sugar to unlock organic phosphorus if you have givin it Bottled stuff..the trade in unfair at that point. Read about it
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  9. That is why we add sugar products to our soil at the end of the run. It prevents the microbes from leaving the root zone at the end of flowering the plant stops giving microbes sugars cause its "done flowering" and we come along and add sugar the microbes keep pumping phosphorus into the plants and the bUds keep swelling up longer than nature would Normally do. And that's how "cha-ching" got its product name. Haha
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  10. Yea buddy.. check the form of nitrogen tho on the back of bottle . Do not spray "nitrate nitrogen " on your leaves you wanna get "amonical nitrogen ".. These are important things to look for
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  11. OK guys. I get both your points. I'm very hands on and it's sitting right next to my bed so it's hard for me not to be hands on lol. But I get your points. And I'm Steping back for a min. This is my first plant and it's a female I just put her sead inback early May I honestly was not planning this it just happened. But I've got a fly stop in there and I'm getting dex something that cuts there legs when they touch it. I hope that helps the little Nat's.
  12. Yes it's the amonical nitrogen
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  13. So since I'm doing soil ill need to add a sugar product at the end? I'll need to research up on that then.
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  14. Oh heavens yes!! They make many types.
    Big industrial farmers will poor strait white store bought drums of sugar in their tanks. Most people use molasses or sugaree or pure cane molasses is best.
    The objective will be the last 2 weeks of cycle or so to keep feeding microbes sugar so they keep the plant burning carbohydrates . Give microbes sugar they give your plant phosphorus. Phosphorus is the "energizing" nutrient the plant keeps growing longer hence bigger fatter buds.
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