ph is 6.0

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  1. ph is 6.0 i gave my friend a 600ml bottol of my tap water he brought it home tested it and called me and told me it was 6.0 is that good?and if its good will it change in my tap?if so i filled 2 buckets of water one is just plain ol water and the other has plant food in it 10-15-10 only 5 drops. hes going to test them and if the ph is all out of wack he going to make the ph right what should the ph be??
    plz awnser a.s.a.p thx
  2. i think that's normal im tring to remember from last year biology :) there was a php scale from 0-11 or 10, 0 is basic and 11 is acidic.........and the middle is nortmal so 6 should be normal if im right :) im not that sure tho......

    peace out
  3. That's slightly more acidic then you want if you're growing in soil...for hydro you want it no higher than 5.8.....if growing in soil you want it between 6.3-6.8. The norm is 7 and mj likes it slightly acidic.
  4. ok than i was a bit off :) i dont know what the hell im talkin about, sorry :)
  5. how do you tell a male plant from a female
  6. you were close kman

    Shadow a male has pollen sacks and the female has pistils.
  7. male has like little ball like things on it with pollen it them and female got pistol they look like white hairs
  8. all of my plants r realy realy bushy and 3 of em r 8inch and 1 is 12inch im going 18/6 in 2 day and then lowering the light time one hour a day till i get to 12/12 when should i start looking for sex?
  9. so i actually remembered a little form biology yay :)
  10. First couple weeks after you switch to 12/12 the sex should be determined.
  11. my plants are young 2 weeks when will i be able to tell their gender
  13. thank you votoloco

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