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  1. Hey guys i need some help here. It's my first time growing in Coco and I just noticed that the pH in the tank of my DTW system is very unstable.
    My tap water is 7.7 pH, ec 0.4.
    After I mix some Hesi nutes, I adjust to pH 5.8 and ec 0.8.
    Only four hours later, the pH rises to 6.2 pH, after 24 hours it's already at 7 something.
    I was planning to feed the plants 3 times a day when they get bigger, but i don't think that will work with this booshiet.
    Any idea what's causing this and how I can solve this issue?

  2. How old is the tank?  New tanks/containers/resevoirs cant hold a steady ph for the first 24-48 hours.  Let something sit in there for a day or two, then ph it and see if it holds steady.  
  3. what kind of water are you using? RO? Tap?
  4. A lot of cities water will buffer itself back to original Ph.
  5. I forget the product but there's something to fix that.. was just looking at that shit in the grow shop mag will keep ya PH steady bro.. maybe someone knows...
  6. You're experiencing alkalinity :D. Buffer your water first by adjusting to Ph 10.0 then back down to Ph 6.0. I use RO water so here's my mixing procedure...

    1. Mix my base nutrients in a separate gallon of water (GH 6 Micro: 9 Bloom). Dilute this into the reservoir to my desired EC (Full strength for anything older than 2 weeks).
    2. Add any additives I plan on using (Floralicious plus, Bio AG Fulpower, Florablend, Sweet (For the epsom salt and sugar)).
    3. Ph the reservoir to 5.8
    4. Mix my potassium silicate (Protek, AgSil16H, etc etc etc) into a seperate gallon.
    5. Ph the silicate to 5.8
    6. Dilute silicate in the reservoir to 50 PPM in veg (20 in flower).
    7. Ph reservoir to 5.8
    8. Let the reservoir sit for a couple hours then re-ph back to 5.8

    Think of buffering as setting parameters because you've made your water dumb and it doesn't know left from right or how to chew with its mouth

    With all of this being fluctuation is a relatively good thing so long as it stays within the acceptable ranges. Allowing your Ph to swing will greatly increase the spectrum on which your nutrients are available.

    Peace [​IMG]

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