Ph imbalance, nutrient deficiencies or light burn?

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  1. Can't figure out which one guys. She just got fed for the first time 2 days ago. 1/2 tsp in a gallon of lotus bloom. Im watering her every 2-3 days. The light was on 9/10 intensity about 12-14inches away until I turned it down and raised it about 4 inches yesterday. Don't have anything to test my pH yet but going tomorrow to get something at local hydro shop. Flipped to flower about 10 days ago. She was used to this cheap ass light from Amazon till I upgraded to grow tent kit about 10 days ago also. Medium is mix of OF coco and perlite. She's been in that mix 36 days. Just trying to narrow it down here to figure out problem. Light is 200w Samsung ac infinity light. Bottom half of plant looks fine but top half is light green with brown tips. Not too bad just trying to figure out before it gets worse. Couple small brown spots here and there.

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  2. Id be interested in see pictures of your plant in a normal natural light situation (IE, turn off the grow light) -

    Sometimes a healthy green plant wont look green under bright LEDs
  3. Yellow tips on bottom leaves, light green top leaves and brown tips on some top leaves also

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  4. thanks for taking the time to do that. In the original pictures, I could see solid green on some lower leaves but wasn't sure if it was due to shade and didn't have a full grasp of the whole plant.

    In your updated pictures I can better see the leaf fade transition from top to bottom but I'm hesitant to say its just lacking nutrients vs being locked out too. If it was just lacking nutrients, the lower half of your leaves wouldn't be as eagle clawed in my opinion, which makes me lean more towards some type of lockout....or ph.....or overwatering.... :confusedalt:

    you also mentioned switching to more powerful lights so that could have stressed it out some too......

    so maybe it's not one main thing but a bunch of little things compounding...although the light stress transition would normalize in the plant over time
  5. I'm gonna get a pH meter tomorrow so hopefully that'll narrow it down some more. I'm only watering when I know she's completely dry. Usually every 3 days. But I did take off a good bit before flipping to flower plus the lights and all that could contribute. Does it seem like overall it should make it to the finish line? I've put so much time effort and money into this plant lol. I did have 4 and 3 ended up being males very late in and then this girl was doing great almost the whole time until now. So it's frustrating
  6. Would a day without lights and letting her go an extra day without water help at all? I've read that it can but I'm new to all this. Technically she's my first plant and I've made it this far.
  7. no I wouldn't be concerned with the lighting...and the watering goes by plant needs vs a set schedule.
  8. Alot that I've read about nute diffency is curling leaves brown spots on older growth which I am just now noticing and some pieces of some leaves just missing? Yellow tips, brown tips, some curling leaves, just now noticing all this shit. I fed 2 days ago 1/2 tsp. Which is first feed ever. And I usually water every 3 days. Atleast that's what I've been doing for awhile now and it's been going good.

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