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  1. So today i bought a pH kit,its for fish aquariums though.Will this still work?Also how the hell am i supposed to test the soil?I was thinking i was supposed to catch the water from the drain holes.And theres solutions with it to bring the pH up and bring it down am i suppose to use these if the pH is wacked or am i supposed to ad something else(epsom salts,20-20-20 fert some other nutrients)
    very complicated!
  2. buy a tests the ph of the can get them at most gardening shops.......Peace out......Sid
  3. ...follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter, no matter how confusing. The easiest and most accurate kits have litmus paper.
    -collect soil samples
    -place samples in a clean jar
    -moisten the soil samples with distilled water
    -place two pieces of the litmus paper in the muddy water
    -wait ten seconds then remove one strip
    -wait a minute and remove the other one
    Both pieces of paper should be the same color. To learn the pH, match the color of the litmus paper with the colors on the box. That's it.
    If the pH level is low, (acidic soil) you should add dolomite lime. It has a neutral pH, which means it will take the pH up to a safe level but not beyond. Its very hard to add to much lime.
  4. good enough method however the probe will tell you the ph in seconds, just the same as a water probe.......i bought mine for approx £10.........Peace out.......Sid
  5. ...probes are good, but I never really trust em.
  6. I'll try them both,just expirement type a thing.
    uhhhh sidious what exactly is a probe and how does it work?

    thanx guys
  7. it looks like a long slim piece of metal with a gauge attached to the top of it, and a needle that points to the correct ph....but like barefoot said, sometimes you have to be carefull and lift it more than once just to be on the safe side, as with mine you're suppossedto clean the rod with some sandpaper before taking a reading.......Peace out......Sid

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